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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stoner815, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Ok you guys youve said it enough and now im going to listen.Ill get an hps.Not off of the internet but im going to Lowes tonight. Tell me exactly what I need.Can you get an hps that plugs in to a socket?Im not an electrition.If I do get it tonight what will the plants do if I start flowering and use the hps light. Will it be a success?and yes I can afford it now.
  2. ok.....you can in the u.k.....plug a HPS straight into a socket as long as you have wired it up......over here it comes with no cables at all........i get an extension cord and wire it in....it'll most prob be indicated on it.....live neutral and earth.......as long as it has a built in ballast which they all have over here.......before you buy....what size of growspace do you have??..........Peace out..........Sid
  3. 3.5 feet long 2.5 wide and 8 feet tall
    So what do you do w/ the extintion cord, strip it and them wire it up?
  4. do you live in the uk or in the u.s.

    you will get a light fixture with a reflective hood, a cord to the ballast box (the power supply) and a cord to plug into the wall from the ballast box.

    if you are thinking about straight wiring i would wire a receptacle into the wall

    so you can place a timer between the power station and the light. you dig?
  5. So I can get one w/ a cord so i can just plug it in?I would much rather do that.
  6. lets say I got it and started flowering w/ hps would they flower faster than they would w/ flouros?
  7. Mine came ready to plug straight in to a wall socket. You can switch this on and off manually to suit your requirements, but for most people this is a bit of a drag. The type of timer that is easily and cheaply available may not be able to handle the work involved, so for safety reasons you might have to shell out for a switching unit ( if they sell the lamps they will have these ) they should cost about £20-$30.The 400w HPS unit will flower way faster and so much bigger than fluoros.
    good luck!.
  8. mine runs from the growromm to the socket....through a digital timer......the cheap timer wouldn't do the job right.get a digital one, and then once programmed the light does it all by itself.........Peace out.......Sid
  9. I use a cheap one its the ones that u put the pins in when you want it to come on and go off got it for $7 Ive been using it for 2 years now with no trouble what so ever I have a 430watt hps pluged in to it
  10. i had one of them ones with the pins as well and the bloody thing kept putting the light on at odd times!....but hey, if it works o.k. then stick with it...lol....Peace out.....Sid

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