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hps for vegging

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by The Candy Man, May 26, 2009.

  1. Will vegging with an hps have a negative impact on my little ladies? And also how hight above should I set the light. They have been rooting for 2 weeks under fluros and stand about 4-5 inches
  2. no you can use an Hps and about the hight thing how big is the light and aircooled shades ect??
  3. 1000 W with a batwing reflector. I have a fan blowing directly on it for cooling and and exhaust vent directly above it.
  4. i keep mine at 2 feet when they are that small and move it up as they grow but im sure u can do 1.5 feet 2 feet should be loads of light for then babbies and will not get burnt and no need to worrie about stretchin with the 1000 watter :) hope that helps :)
  5. thanks for the info:)
    keep on keeping on
  6. you can veg with a hps but it wont let the plants reach its full potential. you should check out an conversion bulb for your system. i use a conversion for my hps system since i'm not able to get to spendy. hope they come out awesome!!!

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