HPS for veg?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chronkid, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Plain and simple, can you veg with HPS as long as you use 18/6 light cycle? I know its not ideal but what happens differently with HPS than MH or CFL's?
    Any help would be great!
  2. I belive it is the wrong spectrum the will get tall and stretched out. big money to run the hps compaired to cfl
  3. MH- stimutates height and stem development. and other shit i dont no
    HPS- stimulates big dense buds. and more shit i dont know

    use MH for veg and HPS for budding
  4. chron, you can use hps for veg, but mh is ideal. HPS is just a different light spectrum (around 2700K) that is ideal for flowering (mimics fall/late summer sun), and MH is a differnt light spectrum (around 6500k) that is ideal for vegging (mimics hot mid summer sun). If you only have a hps light, then maybe supplement using CFL's (6500K of course) for the vegging, it should do the trick. Or you can always go to homedepot or lowes and pick up a MH bulb that is compatible in your HPS fixture/ballast. (MAKE SURE ITS THE SAME WATTAGE). remember, an HPS bulb CAN NOT work in a MH fixture/ballast system, and will most likely start an electrical fire. hopes this helps

  5. You will be fine running a HPS setup throughout the entire grow, I usually only run my MH for 2 weeks during the seedling stage anyhow.

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    Yes you can veg with HPS...the result would only be ok...not great...even if you use the super HPS like Hortilux...it still isnt enough of the blue spectrum light

    MH - The rays from the sun are in the blue purple color spectrum (Spring/Summer)
    HPS -The rays from the sun are in the red orange spectrum range (Summer/Fall)
    CFL - Depending on type of bulb...most bulbs have the same amount of red and blue spectrum needed...they just dont put out high numbers of lumens (visible light)
  7. was that ever fast!:hello: i talked to the company who im buying the 250w HPS kit from and they told me it wouldnt work with a MH, is this bull? if its true might just get some CFL's i found at home depot that have a 6500k rating and just pick up a shitload!
  8. you can have a MH ballast and use a HPS bulb but you cant have a HPS ballast with a MH bulb

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