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  1. Ok got a quick question...I have come upon a grow box, 2.5ft(w)1.5ft.(d)3ft(h) for a total of 3.75 sq.ft. It is pre-wired with a 400W CWA HPS. So, am I able to re-wire the ballast to remove the ignitor and put capacitor in line with lamp to be able to run a 400W MH?? I have looked at a diagram of how both are wired and the only difference is the ignitor.

    Or is 400W too much for such a small space and should just use some CFL's?? This box will be used for clones,mother plant (flowering will be done in a 4x4x6.5 tent with a 400W HPS).

    If I put CFL's should I then put the hps in the flower room and run 2 400W hps or 1 400W hps and 1 400W MH???

    Thanks for any help or advice!!!!!! :wave: :smoke:
  2. No one at all.....
  3. Well a 1k watt realistically does 4x4 space and 400 watt is 2x2 space
  4. I have run a MH on a HPS ballast. It worked but you can hear at start up that the MH is stressing the ballast. After 3 -4 grows it starts to rattle at start up, the ballast. Buy a digital ballast; runs both (MH,HPS), cheaper on electric than magnetic and finally bulbs last longer. Dimmable if you have the money
  5. Thats why i was asking if i REMOVE ignitor should it not work perfect for mh since its the ignitor that is different between the 2

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