HPS conversion or dehumidifier? Which 1 should i buy?

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  1. So i have my 5 beautiful ak-47xdiesel females at about 3wks of flower in my 55-70%RH basement under a 400w MH. My question is should i invest in a dehumidifier or get the 400w HPS conversion bulb? I dont know which 1 will help on the long run and i have abour 1 mth left b4 harvest....NE ideas?
  2. If you are asking if it were me, well i'd go for the dehumidifier.
    With your humidity getting as high as 70% isn't good when it comes to near harvesting. You would do better with the humidity down to 30-40% in your last weeks or two. Budrot is a bastard, my friend had bad budrot (by bad ventilation), for the amount of bud he lost, he would have bought himself 5 exaust kits. I would finish out this grow with the MH and dehumidifier, and buy a HPS (or conversion) lamp for my next grow.
  3. Great advice john. My first thought was to get the conversion, but you make a great point about the humidity.

    My basement would be 95% humidity without the dehumidifier. Luckily we just got a new one, uses less energy, more efficient, not to mention it weighs less and has built in wheels.
  4. Hey guys thanks for the replies and great advice...now the hunt begins for a decently priced unit!
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    watch craigslist if you have one in your area, I find quite a few on there when I need another, good choice on getting the moisture down before lighting also, nice call on Johns part, I must be lucky cause this grow I haven't had to kick on my dehumidifier once :hello: still about 45%, check this nuglet :p in her last week of growth.

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