Hps! Cheaps as f**k

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by ThaiTaniumKush, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Just walked down to my local lighting store. Asked about some HPS bulbs (250THB/ around 10USD) and a ballast (300THB?around 12USD!) and a ventalated good (500THB/15USD). God DAMN! do I love products made and sold in their country. SOOO much cheapers. By the way. I live in Thailand. thats why shit is so cheap here!:smoke:
  2. well start a website and sell us that stuff! no overhead!! most expensive part is intl shipping because of custom reg
  3. ive been low on money and have beeen looking for a 1000 watt hps for my 8x7x2 tent.. cant find a reliable one yet that is cheap.. found some for like 200 but they looked like junk, buying shit in america sucks... if you started a website im sure you could make bank
  4. Great! That's why my CHinese PlANTMAX bulb blew this morning after 5 months of use? Cheap knockoffs are a pain in the ass lots of times. Most of my stuff is made in china so i shouldn't squawk. They offer an ok warrenty so ,what to hell?

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