HPS causing slow Wi-Fi?

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    Hey guys..
    I've been running into a problem recently that I've never had before, and I'm not sure if what I'm noticing is actually happening, or if I'm just tripping out. So I'd like some outside opinions on this.
    Seedling's just finished germinating, and just turned back on my 600 watt HPS, then I noticed a significant drop in my download speeds, usually a full 1MB less (~1.2 mbps going down to ~5-20 kbps) within minutes. I figured it was just a coincidence, and thought it was just something on my ISP's end, but then I turn off my light again, and notice a significant higher download speed. My last grow I had my set-up in a different room in the house but now I have it in one where the router is directly underneath the room where my set-up is located, and it may be on the same fuse, not really sure. 
    Could it be something like too much power consumption under one fuse, or would the fuse blow first? I have a meat freezer in a different outlet in the same room as my tent/set-up.
    Has anyone ever had any problems related to the one I'm having? Or any relevant advice?

  2. rf noise...probably knocking out your neighbors too
  3. ^ was about to say exactly that. your neighbors are probably suffering too.
    Electromagnetic interference? How can I stop this?
  5. One thing is the outlet have a true ground? One place to look. I run a digital 1,000w 20 feet from my router. Im also running a N network. If you have a G network it may be part of the problem.
    Used to have a 2.6hz router and phones, every time the phone would ring i would get bumped offline.
    Dig in and get geeky and find out this stuff.
    not sure i just went back to magnetic because i live by an airport and dont want the fcc to come knocking..you can try better shielded cable and ferrite core clips for it...also maybe move the router and make sure your grounds are good
  7. I would contact the manufacturer of the ballast and see what they suggest.
    I've read stories where a digital ballast would knock out internet for the entire street. when shit like that happens the ISP will send out someone to pinpoint where the interference is coming from. They will then come into contact with you. So it's best to take care of this ASAP.
    yup happened to me...least the dude was cool and didnt press it much..I shut em off when he was outside unhooking old cables and it stopped so he said it must have been that..glad i had a magnetic still
  9. Yes I believe the outlet is a true ground, it is a 3 pronger.
    I will contact LEDwholesalers tomorrow.. thanks for the advice.
    I think I may have a couple ferrite cores at my parents house, I'll have to check. If not I may go buy some.
    Where do I put it? On the router chord, or my Ballast's?
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    Ah fuck, thankfully I noticed pretty quick, its been like this for about about a day. 
    I'll just have to give my little seeding's the sun through the window until I get this shit figured out.
  11. Put them on the ballast cord that plugs into the wall. My apollo 600w knocks my tv antenna out when it's on so i'm not surprised. I'm getting magnetic or something rf protected next time. I can watch tv from 7am to 7pm or grow weed. Weed wins that battle every time.

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