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HPS Bulb??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cowofsteel, May 18, 2003.

  1. Do they use HPS bulbs in street lamps? Because I took a street lamp blub a couple years back and it looks like it is one, and its big... like 8 and half inches long.... any ideas?? if it is a hps since i would like to find out the wattage of it.
  2. no it isnt i forget what kinda light it is but u can grow with street lights but they are really weak for the kinda light they are dang i forgot the name LPS or something dont remember cya

  3. LPS = low pressure sodium

    They use both in street lights. HPS gives off a pink/orange-ish kind of light while LPS gives off more of an orange kind of light.

    It depends on where u are. Some places have switched to HPS b/c they are longer lasting and provide better light for seeing at night. Other places keep the LPS cuz they are cheaper and more energy efficient.

    LPS fixtures are usually big and blocky. A by product of the fact that they are older. HPS fixtures are more streamlined. They are the type u might see in most modern cities.

    Don't suppose u have a pic of the bulb?

    I don't know how HPS/LPS will affect ur grow.
  4. I can take a pic w/ my cheap digi... ill do that right now
  5. Only problem is you don't know how long that bulb's been used...usually you have to change a HPS bulb every year because it loses it's intensity.
  6. Look on the bulb you should find a number of ID's by the manufacturer then look up the type of bulb it is.
    You will of course have to have the matching Balist ..
    Otherwise a power transformer to match the bulb. They don't power on 120V or 240 V.
    They need to be powered by a step up/down transformer with a proper compacitor to get it going.
  7. ahh yes... That bulb is so HPS. One of the major styles.

    Example of HPS bulbs:


    FYI LPS bulbs look like:


    They are right though about the usage hours and the ballast. Any advice on wattage would be merely a speculation. Could be 250, 400, 880, or even 1000. I wouldn't want you to blow yourself up of something. Try the serial number thing mentioned above.
  8. the only numbers i see on the bulb are on the top of it and they say:

    anyone know what that means!
  9. LU means it's HPS and S50 is the glass size.
  10. so since they come in 250 watts and it says LU250 can i assume that its 250 watts?

    Since this is an HPS and since i have no use for it, i was wonderin if somone at the city might like it... all they have to do is pay shipping.
  11. okay so no one wants this bulb? last chance or im gonna smash it
  12. WHERE CAN I FIND A FREAKIN 250W BALIST????? i went to Home Depot and all they had was shit for stret lamps.. the bulbs says u need the fixture to use it... let me know where i can find this kind of fixture!!! thanks ASAP cause in flowering, and im using FLORO producing week buds.. gonna try to make a differance with HPS!
  13. while were talking about used hps lights my school replaces all of the jym MH lights no not the bulbs but the whole fixture ballast and all. I realized what they werer the other day and wanted to hit myself because i thought of taking them but never connected it with any use because i dint start growing yet :(. Hopefully the custodidans are lazy stoners and left some extras laying around and forgot to throw them away. And when i say all the ligths i mean like 50+ lights that must be at least 150 watts!
  14. I got a couple of HPS 400W fixtures and bulbs today so I can tell ya that the LU250 is indeed a 250W HPS bulb. The fixtures and bulbs I bought were from a building demolition. Check the fixture and make sure its 120v before you try to hook it up. Mine is, but some of the fixtures may be different.

    I am going to post a pic of the entire fixture in the indoor growing section to see what anyone has to say, but the ballast/fixture that the bulb is in indeed DOES run on 120v electricity and can be plugged in just like any other light. It says it on there.

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