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  1. Here’s the situation GC, I have three autos that took some shock on transplant and are about a 1-1.5 ft tall and starting to bud under 18/6. In the same tent I have 5 blue Mystic Fem. they are beautiful little girls that will produce much more then the current autos. Should I keep the 6000k light in for the vegging plants and just get leafy bud from autos? Or switch to hps and combat stretch with the little guys and see what these autos can do?
    What will have more of an effect?

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  2. How old are the autos

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  3. Blow it all on the HPS(3000? kelvin)

    they will love you for it after 12x12

    go an extra 6 hours with the autos

    as you have moved the photos to a light depo closet

    good luck
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  5. if u can use both.
  6. I use hps all the way even vegging . If u do it right they dont stretch too much this bigger ones 4 weeks from seed hps only. 20180519_235645.jpg
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  7. Don't veg with hps.....I mean will it work sure...is that how you get max yield from your plant..no..
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  8. I wasnt saying i would max yield i was saying it works ! I dont have a problem with it im pulling 6 ozs off a plant grown with only hps.
  9. And to get max yield alot goes into it not just a light
  10. Ok I wasnt trying to offend you man I had terrible results when I first started growing vegging with hps I was pulling 6 ozs a plant then....now I pull 16 off a plant it is what it is best of luck to you and your grow
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