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  1. Hi I'm having trouble re-wiring my 250w HPS light/ballast.

    I bought the light off craigslist and it had apparently been previously used in a factory or warehouse prior to being sold to me. Its condition isn't particularly great.

    The first problem with it is that the power cord had been severed. I opened it up and disconnected the scraps of the old cord from the leads on the ballast, and scavenged an old heavy duty extension cord (standard 3-pronged US socket) that i had laying around as a replacement. There are 3 power leads coming from the ballast that are black, white, and green in color. The three wires in the extension cord are black, red, and green in color. Common sense tells me that i should connect the wires based on color (black/black, white/red, green/green) but I thought it would be a good idea to get verification on it.

    The second dilemma is that I'm having some trouble locating the wire to instal the switch for bypassing the ignitor (so i can use MH lamps). My best guess is that it is the top module with he 3 wires connecting to it.


    Thanks for all answers.
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    yeah the first diagram helped. the capacitor on my fixture is beneath the circuit panel on the right.

    I think my guess about which is the ignitor must also be right because there isnt anything in there that could be it, and it couldn't be anything else.

    And it looks like the red cord wire corrosponds to the orangish wire that exits alongside the green next to the socket.

  3. upon further inspection i'm becomimg less sure that that module is in fact the ignitor, or at least that it's standardly wired.

    Could someone please verify that the red wire extending from the module at the top of the ballast is the ignitor? thanks
  4. Yeah I already figured out the power cord, I think once i get a new lamp it should be in working order. Now I'm just trying to fiugure out how to make it switchable to MH and I can't find the X1 wire and don't even know where the ignitor is for sure.
  5. your welcome .;)
  6. For wiring the HPS to MH switch could i do a double throw, single pole switch to have the X1 and X2 connected for one position, and to have it go through the ignitor like it is now in the other position.

    Would this work?

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