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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pungent, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I was looking around the lighting section of Lowe's last night only to find that they sell 75-400 watt HPS bulbs and some HPS security floodlights that cost ~ $80 with a bulb.

    I assume these would work as well for growing as any other HPS? I didn't see any HPS stuff with separate reflector and ballast though. Looks like the security floodlights were all one piece. Is that acceptable?

    I'm so tempted to buy one... Just using CFLs so far...
  2. why not dude, get a 250 and keep your CFL's.

    Thats what id do. that or a 400.
  3. I got a 130W HPS security light and added it to my CFL's, Definetly helps...
  4. Make sure it's 2100K
  5. go for it, if your using only Cfls right now the plants will benifit from it, soon im gonna get a 70watt from home depot that has everything in it for 55 dollars after tax. the only problem is with the set up you may have now the light will produce too much heat, thats why im also opting to build a flower box with 2 26 watt 2700k cfls on the side to give extra light. but if you plan on growing more then 3 plants you should go with a higher wattage than 70.
  6. oooo yah, thanks for that. i wouldn't have thought to look at color temp on the hps lights. thought they were all the same...
  7. The HPS bulbs at Lowes and Homedepot work fine. It's all I use.

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