HPS and MH Distance Charts

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    Here are distance charts for HPS and MH bulbs. Hopefully these charts can help someone out! :smoke:

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  2. Very Cool, thank you!
  3. Dope. Subs for later
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    only because i noticed the created by waas well not caligrower. :? unless you are said caligrower, dont claim others doings. you put your name on it. but but none the less its badass that its back within easy acess, cheers!
  5. Awesome m8 thanx dude, So how close can i get with heat of a hps? or would it be best to follow the lighting guide?
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    That chart just showing you amount of light that will be lost with distance. There is no general guide line "how far" . Most people chose the distance according to the temperature at the canopy level .
    For instance ,someone who is using open wing reflector can not go with his light as low as someone who is using sealed air cooled reflector(same wattage)..... I personally had my 600W air cooled reflector 10-12" away from the canopy, on the colder day I had it as low as 8" from the canopy... The worst that can happen to your plant is slight discoloration of the top leafs , but that discoloration has no effect on the smoke quality (at least I did not notice any).
    The bottom line is :If you can control the heat go as low as you can with out burning your plants (try not to go over 85F at the canopy level)
  7. Thanks m8 I got the idea. Do you think this plant is burnt?,



    Would be much appreciated
  8. I don't think those are burnt from lights. If they were, the leaves higher up would be burnt.

  9. I agree 100% makes perfect sense to me. That is a strange color on those leaves...over-water maybe? Not sure.

  10. Yeah you are right tho it's the Hps light leaking from the tent lol. thanx tho.

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