HPS and CFL's?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bdots1979, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. okay im putting together a list of what i need for my grow. best prices, best supplies, blah blah blah. i plan on getting either a 400w or a 600w hps prob a 400w due to bills but would it hurt to add a few cfl's? how many watts and how many bulbs would i need along with a 400w hps for 4 or 5 plants in a closet and im prob gonna try some lst on some haze. and does any one know how many lumens cfls produce? thanks guys...
  2. All of the information your looking for is just a search away on the forums. Click on the read before posting and go through the links it should help you a lot.

    The quick grow reference is very helpful and informative, it has a section devoted to Lighting.
  3. nvm on the lumens....i found em...but i still need help with the rest
  4. For 4-5 plants, the 400w would be sufficient, the 600w even better. The only concern would be the size of your grow area and heat. Both of those will put out some heat. Adequate ventilation is a must. You could always add a few CFLs for supplemental lighting on the sides of the plants. More light equals more bud.
  5. yep you definately gonna need some ventilation for that 400 HPS. Don't know if it is a stealth grow or not but I will throw some products out there for you to glance at. First off if you can't measure ph, forget about it. Some people use Oakton, some use Milwaukee, some use Hanna...... For ventilation you might want to check out a 4" Vortex (businesslights.com). I see multiple problems cuz if you can't vent the heat, you might want a 250 and a SCROG. Next item is a carbon filter, you can buy one, you can make one just use the search button on that one. Mylar or something similar. Foliar spray possilby just in case you water your girls and then you see signs of yellow coming on the new growth and instead of watering them again you just spray, pretty useful sometimes.

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