HPS and ballasts

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BigJon66, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey I'm getting ready to try and grow my own for the first time and I'm looking into all my options and I've decided to go with 400W HPS lamp. Now my question is do you have to purchase the hundred something dollar ballast in order to use HPS or is there a cheaper alternative?
  2. You need the ballast to fire the HPS lamp. They won't work just by screwing them into a conventional socket. Sorry, there is no cheaper alternative.
  3. Bummer, thank you!
  4. htgsupply sells a nice on for 120 bucks plus shipping it is a great light and I have used 2 of them with with no problems for quite awhile now.
  5. Yeah I think I'll end up getting one, it's just a matter of saving some money for a little while.

  6. The HPS Bulb, Go hand in hand, With the Ballast. No way around it, Unless, it's a conversion, Ballast, Then you can use the same watts, as per HPS or MH.:rolleyes:
  7. If you experienced growers had to pick between HTG's digital ballast and a Lumatek digital ballast which one would you pick
  8. I'm using the 400w MH/HPS conversion ballast from htgsupply.com.Works great!!Shipping isn't so great though...check ebay
  9. I also have a 400w HPS, looks just like CFLweasel's. My question though is do I have a good HPS bulb? It is a GE Lucalox 400w.

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