HPS 490W Ballast

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    hey all... i scored a High Powered Sodium 490w 60Hz ballast with a 430 W Philips HPS bulb at a garage sale recently. The reason it was a at a garage sale is that the power supply line was cut.
    So i tried attach the power supply to a plug and tried it. the three wires in the cord were white (negative) black(posative) and green(ground). i assume....
    but the ballast wouldnt work. ive tried bulbs i know work with it but all the ballast can muster is a slight buzz if you put your ear to it....

    the company that makes the ballast is L.P. Light Systems

    on the sticker it says
    power requirements
    277V 2.3 A

    i dont know if this is correct but i would assume so.

    im wondering how i can power it if it is getting insufficient power from a 120V outlet. I saw the ballast work but i didnt have the chance to see where the power cord went.

    any ideas?

  2. 277v ?
    u cant run that in a 120v socket.
    at all.
  3. the balast is made for 3 phase power. it runs 2 phases of 440v 3phase power. industry uses them because they are cheaper to run than 110v , but they are no good for a household as 440 3 phase is not available to the average consumer.. sorry:(

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