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hps 400w mh 90$ question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MonArch, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. i saw the 400w hps on sale at inside sum and was wondering why its so cheap? Is there something wrong with the quality or should i buy it why they still have em? My grow space is kinda wierd. its a triangle (but can add extra room to the sides to form a square)dimensions are 6-7ft high and roughly 8ft at the base . Its plenty of room,im thinking maybe only 4 plants(smell is a big issue) oh ya and at least 12 ft long but im going to limit it to maybe 5-6ft long. should a 400w be sufficient? also im thinking of growing hydrophonically will a 400w be good for that too? and if i do buy it is a $40 mH buld converter or whatever worth it or should i "budget it". I dont want to spend the extra money but if 40$ of mH is going to be better than $40 of grow supplies ill go for it.
  2. ther referbs. 2nd hand but nothing wrong with them, if i was in the states id buy 1.

    4get the converter lamp. a hps will take u through the whole grow no worrys.

    a 400 is gr8 4 hydro and will light a 4ft by 4ft area very well and will grow 4 plants.

    a 600w wud light more and grow bigger plants but ur gonna get loads of stink of the 400 as it is a 6 wud just b worse and as the 400s r so cheap id get that.
  3. you get what you pay for in the states too :) imo i wouldnt go with them, not slammin the company or anything, but when you hear more bad than good...
  4. yeah, i have been eyeing their 400 watt hps systems...what have you heard (bad) about them?
  5. jus slo and mixed up orders. from what i understand its one guy doing the lights, customer svc, and shipping. thats too much for one person to handle. he doesnt even answer email questions. i feel if you cant respond to simple questions, why should i send you my money that i worked hard for and then be dissapointed. yeah 90 bucks great deal, but WE ALL KNOW in the states that is you do get what you pay for.
  6. i see your point...
  7. time is money. wud u b willing to wait a while 4 a bargin?

    ya pays ya money and takes ur choice.

    id still buy 1. if 4 no other reason than i think grow lights r well over priced and hydro shops take the piss with ther prices.

    trade price on a 600w balast is £42 (even less wholesale) but the same balast in a hydro shop sells at £90. thats just rippin the piss.

    i built my remote balast 400w silverwing for £60 including lamp gettin the bits retail. thats with a phillips balast and igniter. the same thing wud cost doubble that in a shop and i doubt id get a ballast as good as the phillips.
  8. barnaby, this is the land of opportunity, lol (yeah rite) but still bargains and sales and all kinds of shit can be found at reasonable prices at anytime anywhere. you just have to know where to look and to keep your eyes open.

    and i hol hardly agree with you about the over pricing of our hobby pieces. someone recongnized how profitable it could be and are taking full advantage of this shit.
    again im not trying to take away from his biz, but im all about trying to look out for others.

    i would be afraid that a rebuilt ballast would fail quicker than a brand new one. how do you not know the dude wasnt fried or too tired because of all the orders he's had to place and do up, and he just soldered this wire to that part, and hey ill just put some gum in here to hold this together, or dayum he wanted the 400, well maybe he wont notice i sent him a 250.

    sorry i recognize the warning signs. cheaper does not equal better. better equals better and the best of the best equals the best of the best, bottom line.
  9. I saw the post and am interested. What is this website you all speak of? I wouldn't mind a bit getting a second-hand if any of you can direct me to one! Thanks!
  10. trust me nothing you buy is what its worth my father deals with people all the time. He's gone to china millions of times to set up factories and busineuss and shit. If you think any thing u buy actually cost that much u are dead wrong. For example One of the guys my dad knows makes thoes baseball pitching machines and he was telling us that he makes them for a little over $70total and the manufacture then sells it for like $700. So what if its second hand, id rather have 90$bud than 160$ bud.

    Barnaby- if thats only for a 4ft by 4 ft space what should i do for more plants , or more bud, use flurescents? And are these things rebuilt or just used?

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