HPA time schedules

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by Jtrjesse, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. what are some good time schedules for HPA. I have 6 1gph misters. Each mister is controlled by a solenoid so one second is one second of mist. My pump is 115 psi but I don't really know what it is really putting out. So let's say it's puts out 90-100psi. I do have a accumulator tank that is precharged to 30 lbs if that matters. If you have some times and how much solution they will put out at this rate that be grate. Another thing I would assume seedlings don't need as much solution as mature plants so how much more water do your mature plants get.
  2. You should really test the system so you know what everything is doing. Accumulators have a nominal capacity and the actual capacity is usually less. Nozzle flowrates depend on pressure and the plumbing can affect the pressure ;) When i adjust my timing i know in advance how it will alter the liquid delivery and the accumulator rundown time. Knowing the real values makes everything easier because flow is flow even though every system is different

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