HP Wood Rose Seeds?

Discussion in 'General' started by JaimieLynn, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. I have heard they make you hallucinate? But thats all. They are really cheap on the enternet. are they worth buying 100 for 10 dollars? what exactly do they do to the body?
  2. Hawaiian wood rose seeds are used to make LSA
    Which is EXTREAMLY similar to LSD...

    LSA can also be made with Morning Glory seeds.
  3. The above poster is correct, if you grind them and ingest them you will be sent back in time to the point right before you posted this, and you will proceed to be magically transported to the search bar or erowid.org where you will find enlightenment.
  4. just so you know, look into errowid pretty deeply before you drop cash on those seeds. From friends who have tried both morning glory and HB woodrose, it was a really unpleasant trip. First of all, there is some ethanol based was you're supposed to use before eating them, to get some chemical out that causes massive stomach cramps and nausea.

    just read some trip reports before you swallow a bunch of seeds, its worth looking into the stuff before you get in over your head.
  5. bobjoe logging in.....
    Purchased 250 babu hawaiian woodrose seeds Ghana strain
    recieved package today
    Note:Ghana strain has less LSA then other strains and had I known this I would have purchased the more expensive strain
    Report: Thoroughly chewed on 20 seeds about 20 minutes ago. VERY MILD euphoria going on right now. By very mild I mean barely noticable. No stomach cramps or discomfort noticed so far.
  6. Report: So it's been over an hour since my intital dosage of 20 seeds and I virtually felt nothing so I chewed another 15 seeds about 5 minutes ago. Getting pretty pissed about all the hype around these damn seeds. So far very dissapointed.
  7. Report: After becoming extremely disappointed I ground up 52 seeds in a coffee grinder and mixed with water..... then drank. So far the only effects were those previously mentioned...... an intial mild euphoria which faded after about 30-45 minutes.
  8. Report: Enjoying somewhat stronger euphoria.... 52 seeds did a little better..... just chewed and swallowed 16 more seeds as I want more and this feeling is not satisfying me.
    Note: I am a veteran LSD user.
  9. Conclusive report: No "tripping" experienced. Mild euphoria can possibly be attributed to the placebo effect. No nausea experienced. Waste of time and money. There is a reason this is not more readily available on the black market as it does absolutely nothing. I've gotten more out of herbal tea and meditation. I compensated dosage more than appropriately for the lowered amount of LSA in the Ghana strain. Myth busted.
  10. thats dissapointing bobjoe. but thank you very much for that insite. i bought some off of "the IAMshaman Shop" online. i figured since everyones opinion was extremley different i should just experience it myself. bad trip or not. I got 50 seeds for 20 dollars. Note: I have never tripped on anything other than DXM.
    so we will see how it goes.

    Thank you all so much for the adivce.

  11. Bobjoe logging in.....
    purchased Heavenly blue morning glory seeds (the best kind) and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds Hawaiian strain from IAMshaman.
    package arrive today.
    Report Ground up 303 of the morning glory seeds with 8 of the hawaiian baby woodrose seeds in coffee grinder. Mixed powder with water and drank approxiately 8 minutes ago. According to what I've been reading this should be more than enough LSA to make me trip.... if it fails I will ingest 100 more MG seeds and 4 more HBWR seeds each hour until they are gone.
  12. Aren't you supposed to use ethanol to extract the LSA?
  13. Note: Also ingested 6 vicoprofen approxiametly 1 hour before ingesting seeds so I was feeling pretty relaxed from those.
  14. You can but people have posted saying you do not have to and can just eat the seeds. However, that will be my next step as I have ordered petroleum ether and 190 poof ethyl alcohol. I'm just waiting for the package to get here. When it does I will be ordering 150 grams of Heavenly blue morning glories. I'm just trying to bust some myths here.
  15. Report: I am really fucked up now. I don't know if it's from the seeds or the vicoprofen. I am experiencing nausea and kind of want to throw up. Ok I just did and I feel better. I don't know if the ibuprofen in the vicodin made me sick or the seeds.... possibly both. Pupils are the same size they would be without drugs.
  16. man opiods and those seeds both cause stomach discomfort and nausea... add them together and...
  17. Report: Still messed up but it feels like just the vicodin is working but may be amplified. Listening to Mozart.
  18. Report Really lightheaded.... don't think that is from the vicodin. Never thought of the fact that the seeds will dialate the pupils while the opiates will do the opposite making my pupils like pinpoints. The result is normal looking pupils.... no visuals yet to report.
  19. nice mild body buzz going on. Nothing like LSD... but nice euphoric feeling going on. Just ate 8 more HBWR seeds.
  20. ok I can see how this is related to LSD now.... it is very enjoyable without the overriding intense feeling that comes with LSD. This is much more controllable. I must say that asside from the puking I experienced earlier this is far better than any trip I've had on shrooms or LSD. The puking could have been because of the vicoprofen and the fact that I binged on alcohol yesterday. I don't dare take anymore vicoprofen in fear of contaminating this buzz.

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