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HP spectre?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Tastytrichomes, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. anyone have this notebook or know anything about it? i'm trying to locate my norton product key and can't find it
  2. Well Norton has nothing to do with the laptop itself.

    You should have been provided a physical piece of paper or sticker or CD case containing the product key. If you lost that then you have pretty much lost your Norton license.

    But Norton is a worthless piece of shit anyway. You are better off with something free like Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast or something.
  3. Yep. Norton itself is a virus. It'll delete legitimate software of your system on a whim without asking you first or telling you why, and there's no way to make it not do that besides just disabling it. It bugs you to renew your subscription all the time once it runs out, has massive overhead for something that runs constantly in the background (or at least it did last time I dealt with it), and overall does more harm than good.

    Microsoft Security essentials is nice and lightweight, avast has the best features (boot time scan aw yiss), and both are free.
  4. well i'm asking because my mother just bought this laptop. i'd say i'm fairly good with computers and i can't even figure out where to find the supposedly obvious product key for norton that comes with the HP spectre
  5. Did the computer come with any specific instructions on activating Norton? Are you sure you're looking for a key that written down somewhere or are you supposed to activate it online?

    To be honest, if you can't figure it out and no one here can help, I'd just uninstall Norton and replace it.
  6. Do your mom a favor and uninstall Norton.

    Install Microsoft Security Essentials and leave it at the default settings. It will never bother her.

    Even if you activate Norton, eventually the subscription will expire and then it will demand money from your mom in order to protect her computer.

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