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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Uncle Buds, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Howzit everybody, new here to this forum....been a ganja farmer & smoker for over 40 yrs....started back in 1974 & still going long have you been doing the ganja?
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  2. Welcome aboard Uncle Bud. Lots of great folks and information here. I can get lost for hours just ready stuff here.
    I’m sure with all your experience you’re probably a wealth of knowledge too.
    You prefer indoor or outdoor growing?
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  3. hi there 'Uncle Buds ..welcome to GC ...ive been growing inside for 20years now ,,but still learning ,,mac.
  4. Welcome @Uncle Buds, I’ve been smoking for 25 and gardening about that long. I hope you will spread some of that experience around to the grobros. I’m glad that you joined.
  5. Yes, looks like a great place to get & give advice....I am an outdoor grower....
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  6. Yeah brother, I'm still learning...I've been growing old school for so long, had to get out of that comfort zone
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  7. Right on! like I said in the above post I've been growing old school for so long using only chicken manure, fish emulsion & a lil super thrive ....went in my 1st hydroponic store maybe 5-6 yrs ago felt like a kid in the candy store
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