HOWTO: Roll a perfect hash oil enhanced joint

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    There is something special about a joint rolled with a paper that's been painted with hash oil. For today's example I'll be using some very, very strong QWISO oil, but you can also use BHO, HHO, or whatever kind of oil you like to work with.

    You will need: A nugget to fill the joint with, some hash oil, some 91% Isopropyl alcohol, a small paint brush, a rolling paper, and a desire to get really, really high.

    I'm just rolling a small joint that I'll probably smoke shortly, but the same principle applies to a larger joint or even a blunt.

    If you don't already have finished QWISO then make some. Otherwise, take some of your oil and dissolve it in a little of the 91% Iso. Make it runny enough to use as a fairly thin paint; I acutally overdo it then let it start to evaporate, then use the edge of the evaporating pool where it's just starting to thicken as my 'paint', as you'll see in the picture.

    While that is evaporating/thickening, pick a nice nugget to smoke and get out a rolling paper. Once the QWISO is a nice consistency, use the tip only of the paint brush (no need saturating it and wasting oil) and spread a thin, even layer from end to end on your paper. For a good burn you need to make sure that the 'height' of the painted area is at least one full rolling diameter.

    Now let this dry for awhile. You want to make sure it's 100% dry and free of residual alcohol. Smoke a bowl or a few bong hits while you wait.

    Now we get the painted paper ready, then fill it and twist it up. You now have a nice hash oil infused joint for your smoking pleasure.

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  2. Nice! I usually do a snake in the grass for bho, but this method looks like it works great also :)
  3. Yeah there are a lot of ways to skin a cat ;) I've tried a bunch of different ways and still do, but this one I like and it's also easy for beginners. I especially like the paint method when I want to prepare a bunch of joints in advance of a party, concert, etc.
  4. nice method +rep
  5. Thanks. That was one tasty, tasty joint :smoking: All gone.
  6. nice joint man
  7. Thanks! I've had a lot of practice :)
  8. Cool idea. How much does that extra oil contribute to your high?
  9. Depends on the oil and how much you put on, but quite a bit.
  10. Very nice osg, as the other said I usually go for the snake in the grass method, with any oil, but im gonna have to try this now. Ever rolled a hash only joint?
  11. Yes I've rolled hash only joints. I usually just use uncompressed kief though rather than turning it into hash only to crumble it for a joint.

    I do the snake in the grass too sometimes, but I like the burn I get with this method more.
  12. Not really a joint guy but I think I'm definitely going to be doing this with a blunt in the near future.
  13. I use a similar method to glue fan leaves together for the making of canna cigars, only I use a lot more oil to stick it all together.
  14. Good tutorial.
  15. Yeah, I've seen pure marijuana plant 'blunts'. I've never smoked one but I hear they are the shit!
  16. They are excellent. I smoked my last one over a month ago. I should make more but it's a lot of work. I'll get around to it soon. They need to age and cure for a couple of months IMO to really be a good smoke.

    Ironically, I love a good quality tobacco cigar too, but I hate blunts. I can't stand mixing tobacco with my cannabis, but that's just me.
  17. Cool. Could you compare the potency to something else? I've never smoked or in any other way imbibed hash oil, so I'm trying to get a feel for how strong it is.

    Sorry for being so inexperienced.
  18. Ah well if the best bud you've ever smoked has around 20% THC, and hashish has 40-50, most hash oil is in the 60-90% range depending upon the quality. It's one of the most potent forms of THC you can consume.
  19. Sick joint bro.
  20. Thanks bro.

    Thanks, and yeah it did come out nice. Burned perfectly even and slow. I'm still pretty baked.

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