HowTo: Pill Bottle Percolator

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  1. I saw someone ask in my thread where I showed my double perc'd pill bottle bubbler how to make the percolator.

    I decided to make a tutorial just incase there were any others out there that wanted to make a kickass homemade, you take pride smoking in something you made, especially if it works great.

    First are the materials:

    Hot Glue Gun:

    Pill Bottle:

    Straw with bend:

    Tools to make holes in bottle:

    Step One: Make the whole in the bottom of the pill bottle. You can do this any way, scissors works well, just find something that gets the job done.

    Step Two: Put the straw through with so to make a tree-style percolator (view picture).

    Step Three: Cut off the excess straw

    Step Four: Hot glue the straw in place. (note: you may need to hold the straw in place while the hot glue dries):

    Step Five: Fill with water just a little over the straw, you know the deal:

    Well, I hope some of you learned something from this and it contributes to the making of a kickass homemade.

    Peace GC,

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    *Pics with five percolators on next page*[/B]
  2. Very nice and clean instructions.+rep
  3. amazing tutorial !

    very well put together !

    amazing what one can do with houshold appliances !

    CHEERS !:eek:
  4. thanks man, and thanks for the pm showing me this would love to se some of the crazy stuff me and friends have
  5. damn dude thats alot cooler than i was expecting lol.

    that rocks
  6. Did you just hotglue the pill bottles together? Also what'd you use for the bowl and other metal part? You gave me a new homemade project. I haven't been excited to make anything in a long time but that thing is bad ass.
  7. Great job man! You have no idea how many times the same thought has gone though my head. I made one long ago with a green tea bottle and some straws. It fit perfectly into my old acrylic bong.:smoking:
  8. Great TuT.

    Thanks man!

  9. The bottle fit snug into eachother. automatically creating an airtight seal.

    As you can see in the thread where i posted my bubbler, the bottom of one pill bottle goes into the top of the other, creating the seal... takes a good amount of force, but that's how ya know it'll work as a seal.

    As for the a pipe, I use a metal pipe I had bought from here a long time ago:
    I used it so the bubbler wasn't like a chillum (didn't want weed to spill out)


    You can see how the pill bottles are just force together

    and here you can see how the pipe is used:

    Milk! (3 percolators, soon to be 5)
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  10. Ha.. that's sick
  11. wicked, i wanna add an attachment to my mini bong with that LOL. i gotta go get some straws man. got enough pill bottles laying around...
  12. thats so tight.
  13. i got no pill bottle lying around... so ima try this out with film canesters (little plastic things).
  14. wow, just wow, innovation rep+
  15. This is amazing man, can't wait to try it. Thanks a lot!
  16. Thanks for all the comments/rep guys, much appreciated.

    I'm bout to go use thise bubbler, iv been puttin it to good use:p
  17. Alright, Im getting more hot glue very soon. I'll have pics soon of it finished with 5 percolators :)
  18. i just made something like that think u made with 2 perc made outta film canesters...
    was working awsome til the hot glue gave away :p
  19. i think theres different types of hot glue sticks u can get, some might be more heat tolerant, but id also think that film canisters are too small, like his is bigger so the glue wont heat up when ur smoking it as much. idk

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