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    The weed that is currently in my stash, it is great man... it's like... really fluffy and soft... dark green... sticky... smells really nice... very few stems and seeds.

    It's really easy to work on them and get them ready for the pipe. And once I put it in the pipe and light it, it is perfect.

    Not too strong, not too soft... just about right. And when the smoke clears, the aroma isn't smelly or pungent, it's more like... leaving a background of good memories.

    I am reminded of the time when I used to smoke with my best friend, during college. We smoked similar stuff that I'm smoking now. The good stuff.

    But the guys I used to smoke with, are all gone... only I remain.

    My best friend and I, we used to hang out together all the time... but after college, we hardly meet... once a year... or once in couple of years.

    Last year, I met my best friend and I offered him a joint, and he said,

    "No thanks man. I don't smoke anymore."

    I was so surprised, and I asked him,

    "The fuck do you mean, you don't smoke?"

    And he said apologetically,

    "I quit that stuff. It's not my thing."

    And I asked him,

    "What do you mean, it's not your 'thing'?"

    And he just shrugged and said,

    "It's just not my thing."

    I stopped asking here coz... I thought I heard enough.

    He's still my best friend, but... he's just not my smoking buddy anymore. He's just my 'best friend who doesn't smoke'.

    Anyway... so here I am, smoking the best quality weed I have smoked in awhile... alone.

    I wish I had a best friend who smoked.
  2. nice story lol
  3. it's good
  4. I have something that i supposed to be "dank" with millions of seeds, but overall a good high.
  5. Do you guys usually smoke alone? Or are you usually smoking with buddies?

    I'm 100% lone smoker. All my friends have sort of... "grown out of it", I guess.
  6. What do you suppose he meant, when he said it wasn't his 'thing'?
  7. He probably just changed his mind about it and thinks he shouldn't smoke it anymore because it's bad or some bullshit haha
  8. But that sucks man. All of my friends smoke the cannabis
  9. Smoking alone I find more relaxing ,but smoking with friends once in a while is nice. He probably meant he probably had a bad experience from it somehow?
  10. The last time I saw him was... what... 4-5 years ago?

    I still think about that day when we had that talk.

    And I still wonder what the fuck he meant...

    It's not my thing... what a load of bullshit.

    Knowing how he used to smoke during our college days, which wasn't that long ago, I just can't believe he said that. It's not my thing.
  11. I picked up my last quarter that i will be buying for possibly the rest of my life. The nugs are small, real dense and it is stanking up my place.

    Want to know why I'm quitting? It's not my thing any more. The last few months have been a rough battle with everything in my life. I was spending every waking moment baked. I lost sight of who I was and who I wanted to be. So I began recapping the things in my life, how they affected me, both good and bad. Trying to find out why things started going wrong, when I had made drastic improvements in my life merely months earlier.

    I was able to narrow down to an precise moment where my life started to go down hill. It just happened to be when I started smoking marijuana again after almost a year break. When I started up again, life was great ! Lots of friends, many of which smoked. Had a great girl, great job and more money than i knew what to do with. I went out and dropped 3 bills on a new bong and went from sharing a quarter with my buddy every 2 weeks, to smoking a quarter alone within 3-4 days within 3 months of starting.

    Marijuana has taken over my life. Ive cut people out, closed myself off from those who cared about me, and walked away from many things I loved. I have reached the lowest point I have ever been. With all the benefits marijuana has for me, the negative effects have been crowned king, so I bid farewell to you MaryJane, we've had our good times but its time for me to get on with my life.

    I actually decided while typing this I am going to roll my entire bag into a fat joint and smoke it with my friend for a final goodbye.
  12. As we grow older, we meet new people... and make new friends.

    When we were in high school, we made high school friends. When we were in college, we made college friends.

    Now that we're in 'grown up' stage, we make grown up friends.

    And I've made some new 'grown up' friends.

    And... I didn't want to waste time, so I opened up the subject of smoking weed, and they were all cool about it.

    So one time, when we had the chance, I took out the weed and smoked with them, and they all smoked...

    But then after a few sessions, I found that they were slowly... and politely rejecting my offer.

    Until, none of them smoke anymore. So apparently they were smoking only because I asked them to. Out of courtesy, I guess...

    And now I hate them. What a bunch of fakes.

    But... I don't hold it against them. They got families... wife and kids to worry about... so... I understand.

  13. Hm... I understand man...

    I... was in similar phase myself, when... weed seemed to be causing me problems.

    But... I know it's not the same for everyone, but for me, I didn't quit, I just... regulated a bit tighter. And... the problems sorted themselves out.

    Now, I'm... back to smoking regularly.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is...

    Good luck with your last joint. Make it fat, and make it good...

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