How's your weed where you live?

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  1. Just curious to know if other people are able to get some good weed and where you live. Also, how are your weed prices? Fixed or do they fluctuate a lot?

    I'll start...
    To be honest, the weed I get seems pretty good. Unfortunately I don't have any other source to compare to since I'm a fairly new smoker and I've only ever bought weed from my one guy. He also changes his strain options. This time around I think that he had Sour Diesel, Shiva Skunk, Blue Cheese, Green Crack, Lemon Haze, Holy Grail, Grand Daddy Purple. Today I picked up 7 grams of Grand Daddy Purple and 7 grams of Lemon Haze. This time was different than usually. Instead of simple, clear baggies, he sold them to me in smell proof, sealed baggies and the back of the bag looks almost like aluminum (but it's not). The bags also have a sticker on them that says things like RX, Medical Cannabis, something about a law, and something a long the lines of keep out of reach of children. Basically, it looked like they were to be sold in a dispensary. In fact, to open the bags I have to rip the top off right above the seal.

    Also, about my location, I live in Quebec, Canada, only about 30-45 minutes away from the Canada - US border.

    Prices here are pretty much fixed no matter which dealer you buy from. It's always been 3 grams for $20. 7 grams for $40. This time when I got 14 grams, I paid $80 but the bags all contain 2.5 grams, so I basically ended up with 15 grams for $80.

    So, what about you guys! :)

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  2. pretty good and great priced .
  3. Will only be getting better as we move closer to legalization
  4. I pay about 120-140 a 1/2 for GDP,Lemon, and Girl Scout Cookie. I grow my own strawberry kush. You can get reggie here for about 100-110oz . but i cant do it.... taste nasty af. Im in Northern KY. If youre brave enough to go to cincy you can get a oz of reggie for under 100. Ive been robbed 2x tho. So i quit buying from up north (cincy). There are reputable guys, but you gotta know em.
  5. Where I live it's weed is illegal but I still manage to get top shelf weed such as GG4 and Girl Scout Cookies. My dealers sketch as hell but the weed is super quality and I just bought an ounce of Cookies for 180 and its the real deal. Juts makes it even more sketch.
  6. 180 for an oz of GSC around here is unheard of. More like 220-240 minimum
  7. Well I cannot prove the Cookies but I can prove he sells ounces for around that price, he put a picture on his snapchat of XJ Purp (never heard of the strain) and it looks pretty frosty. My other friend bought it and said it was quality and an ounce for that is 170.
  8. Not bad at all. Any quality around here is over 200oz. usually closer to 250. When dealers are low it will go up to 280-300
  9. How much for a gram?
  10. quality, 25-30. reg. around 10-15.
  11. i only buy in 1/2s or full oz though.
  12. I’ve lived all around the country and haven’t had bad weed since middle school. Quality doesn’t have anything to do with location, just your plug. Anybody that tells you otherwise is wrong and buys a lot of bad weed
  13. you can get an ounce of reggie for 100-110. probably will pull 50 seeds. I have many people i buy from. 4 off top of my head. prices are all the close to the same. 2 in cincy 1 in covington and 1 closer to home. Right now, nobody has any. None of my dealers do. I dont know if it has to do with the darkweb markets being taken down or not though. 3 of them purchase from it. the other grows.
  14. Oregon has some of the cheapest weed at dispensaries. it’s driving down street prices as well. Dispensary prices for a ounce between 80$ and 160$ choose from 100s of strains. Ounces on the street between 60$ and 90$ take it or leave it.
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  15. The weed’s great where I live.
    I grow my own, even though I live in med/rec Nevada and can walk into any number of dispensaries.
    No need to. I do just fine.

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  16. Loudest dro Kush of them all
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