how's your Saturday night comin' along, GC?

Discussion in 'General' started by MihoSayuri, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I'm feeling the beginning effects of a 30mg Oxycodone and gonna smoke some dro later.

    how about you guys, how's your night going?

    by the way, go stop by the Introduce Yourself topic and welcome my girl slaterson_chick in her thread. she's awesome and I want her to feel welcomed and know how cool this place is. :hello:
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    ill get right to that in a min...but my saturday night? probabally gonna be, no weed until i get a job so its equally lame...and hopefully i can hop on the 360 before my bro goes to bed...but other than that, dope music and GC keepin me occupied in the meantime is just fine

    Edit: Friends were suppose to come over, but of course they never remember.
  3. gotta love people who are optimistic.
    hope everything is good for you tonight.
    I'll smoke a bowl for ya :smoke:
  4. Well....
    Called some girls that were supposed to be coming down from another town 30-40min away. Fuckers still havent left yet, one took a shower and is still combing her fucking hair... an hour and a half later...

    women.... *some women arent so bad* but goddamn... taking forever.

    Then going to go pick up a 1/4 of some frosty nuggs. grind that shit up and vape whatever keif I get off it in the Volcano.

    haven't toked much in a good 3 weeks, so im gunna be set tonight I think.

    Then going to send the girls off with a bunch more of my glass so they can store it for me. (she's trustworthy, she already has 2 of my bongs)
  5. uhh, no bud so i thought id call up a bro to hang with but hes at someones place and its to crowded for one more, so i went out and bought gta 4 and i just started playing that. im so lonely.
  6. nah man you aint lonely we're here :wave:
  7. GTA IV is on xbox live?
  8. mine? shitty.
    this girl i like, she liked me back like 4 days ago. idk if she still does.
    i asked her if she did but she wouldnt asnwer, and said she wanted to talk in private, but we are never in private.
    so i went to her work today and we were talking and giggling and having fun and stuff.
    so i texted her a few minutes ago and said "oh hey you should come to kyles so we can cuddle"
    so she calls my friend kyle up and asks if she can get her sweatshirt from his house.
    she shows up, hugs him, wont hug me, only says like 6 words to me.
    then leaves without saying bye to me.
    so i thought she liked me, maybe she does and shes just playing games.
    but what the fuck.
    i got no weed, no booze. nothing.
    probly gonna hit the sack early, sleeping is probly the best sounding thing right now.
    aight, sorry to be pessimistic.
    someone toke for me :eek:
  9. uhh not atm, i dont got any internet in my room but im setting it up sometime. then i would still gotta pay for gold.

  10. you are so in luck. every xbox 360 comes with 1 month of xbox live free for new gametags. thats what i did for my gametag, but its up on march 1st.
  11. i feel like crap and am 100% sober.
    having a tea and watching tv. pomegranate raspberry green tea. pretty good stuff at least.
  12. I've got three 48 hour free trials to xbox live.
    If anyone wants one drop me a PM
  13. Season finale of Monk.
  14. i used up my free month when i put it in my basement. id keep it down there, but its fuckin cold. haha

  15. oh...damn...well one month xbox live cards are like 7.99 at best buy...and three month cards are 20.00
  16. feelin like im wrapped in a warm blanket of euphoria, bout to burn a camel wide, then blunt #2.
  17. Not bad. Long ass day at work.

    No bud til I leave, and even then I don't know when I'm getting any. But, its not bad. I have some melatonin and tea, just going to be a chill night. I'm tired.
  18. the tires rotated, oil changed, and car washed today. been kicking it at home for the most part though, today's a slow day and i'm going to probably stay at home tonight. (first time in a while for a saturday night) i'm going to burn in a bit.
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    Sucks, stuck home smoking alone and trolling the forums while the GF is out at a movie and group sesh with some friends. I got to work all day. woo
  20. ive been waiting on my buddy to call his friend so i can get a qtr. My friend said hed be here at 8:30 im still waitng on him. I dont think ill be getting any herb tonight. bad night!

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