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How's your local scene?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capnfalconpunch, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I'm here reppin 804 Virginia. (lol nothing special) I'm pretty new to smoking so I don't really know how the whole "system" works but here $10 gets me a .5 gram of local-grown dank that got me blasted off my ass :smoke: How are the bud and prices where you are?
  2. California Mids

    8th ~15
    halfoz ~60
    oz ~120

    California Street Dank

    8th ~30-40
    halfoz ~80-100
    oz~ 160-220

    California Medical

    8th 25-55
    halfoz 100-140
    oz 200-280

    This is what I see in my area.
  3. reppin cali 714/949 area,
    gram $7- $10, 1/8 $20-$35, 1/4 $50-$65 1/2 $90- $120.
  4. Dank = 20 -25 a g. And like 65for a eigth. idk never got a quarter of dank

    Mids is ten a g. Regs is five a g.
  5. Reppin the 905 :D

    Following prices are for dank only, not mids or bush:

    $110/half o
  6. I'm in upstate NY.

    its like 7/g for reggie

    10-11/g for mids

    15/g for generic dank

    20-25/g for some real shit

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