Hows your day?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dawson_Canuck, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I know there are probly a dozen of these things floating around, but i dont wanna know how ur day is going a month ago:p. Well my day is going nice, picked up 1/8 of some wet ass bud that we had to dry to smoke outta a hooka(sp?). dried more out last night and packed a bowl for a wake n bake. woke up and smoked a bowl on a day off:smoke:. then i had a great breakfast with pancakes and the whole 9 yards man!!!! now im chillin watchin the goonies how about you?
  2. yeah i made a how is your day going thread like last week:wave:

    well my day is actually going like i dont know its a mixture of shitty and good.

    good things
    1.i'm sitting on my ass dealer finally got my weed

    bad things
    1. I don't know when i'll be able to pick up this weed
    2. and i've been dry for about 7 days :(:(
  3. damn that sucks dude! my weed was kinda bunk but its better now i guess:p have fun when u get ur sack tho:p
  4. I'm fuckin hung over, other than that, looks like probably some yard work and later chillin or sitting on my ass.
  5. Fixed the heatercore/spedo cable yesterday/today.

    Now on to get plastered as hell then not drink for a week.

    Feelin very tipsy and high.

    Jus finished weeds episode 3. Anybody got more PM me. ;)
  6. im nursing a hangover :( taking hits from the bub and got a pizza on the way :hello:

    new entourage on tonight too :hello:
  7. This fuckin songs off the hook. I dont know who its by. Says Z-Ro and part of it almost sounds like him then its some jamaican guy.

    But its screwed aswell so it makes me lean towards z-ro/somebody else collab.

    Called 'Swisha Smoke' and its all about smoking. Its old. Ive been bumping song for many of years, Remeber some of my younger fun smoking days around this song.

    anyways, Im fucked up. So its a good day/night.
  8. I feel like dying...

    That lil wayne song is fuckin stuck in my head with the little girl in the chorus repeating " Only once the drugs are gone, Then i feel like dying. I feel like dying"

    Infact, thats kinda how im feelin today :) Not tryin to be a downer, but i got no reason to lie to ya.
  9. Kinda sucked... was gonna pick up a 1/4 of great mids for $30... but the connect is still up north, gettin back late... so he promised me a 1/4 of kind for $40... just waitin on that... waitin waitin waitin... I'm gonna roll a fat blunt no matter how dank it is, cuz im just in one of those moods...
  10. Man, You right round the way dude(virtuo).

    Theres good deals, Good herb all over man. In the burbs round the city and in the city.

    Ive never went farther then the burbs to get good herb. The hoods prime place for good herb. Lots of people do indoor grows and even outdoor grows in the hood because its less likely place to be fucked with or police is payed off.

  11. yea I don't live in detroit anymore and not nearly enough gas to head down... cuz hell yea If I did we all know its everywhere... dro for regs prices.

    This is a guy whos reliable, and always comes through along with good prices... Ill wait for a 1/4 of kb for $40, even though the waitin sucks.

    Id have to drive 30+ min to detroit tho =/

    besides I was never really big on contacts when I was in detroit. All my boys had the numbers... and since I was with them all day everyday, It was all no worries.
  12. 30 mins aient that bad. Dude i know in the burbs is bout 15 mins doin detroit driving haha. Maybe 20-25 otherwise.
  13. haha yea true, reminds me of me and my boys drunk comin back from club diesel about a year ago... drivin on the wrong damn side of the road.

    Hmm.. now im thinkin, ehh.. Im headin down tomorrow for sure even if I get bud tonight, just to fuckin go... been so damn long.
  14. my days been going good, last day of "summer" for me. Got school in the morning...

    College algebra at 8am, accounting at 10am, business computer systems at 11am.

    Ill be hittin the bong real hard afterwards for sure, 7am wake n bakes are def not my thing--probably pickin up a real fat bag sometimes this next week also
  15. greaaaaatttt fucking song
  16. eh weezy aint got shit on gilley but what do i kno.

    my day has consisted of heavy corona and capt mo drinking some xannies, hella good weed and a bunch of other fun shit.

    hell its 6:47AM over here and im still chillen :smoking:

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