Hows your day going?

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hey GC. im just chilling listening to the smashing pumpkins waiting till around 11:30 when i can hop in my car to go pick up a half O im real pumped cause ive been rationing this one gram and its almost completely gone. When i get it ill smoke a fatty in the name of GRASSCITY.

    so how is your day going?
  2. MY DAY IS GOING GREAT I GUESS THANKS FOR ASKING! i just woke up about an hour ago, watch some tv and cuising the city. i wish i was pickin up some larger quantities of bud, but not today! in a couple weeks i got sum1 saying they have 1 oz of purple kush for me, and the crazy part is its only $160/oz....not sure if its the real deal but thats cheap for an oz here for me.
  3. Decently, i woke up, made some breakffast and tea. Mowed the lawn, In a few minutes im going mini golfing with my Mom, and then off to roll a joint.
  4. purple kush for 160! i envy you! i buy mids straight from the dealer for 50 bucks half an ounce. and its weird cause its so cheap but then what i do is throw it in a jar with some orange peel and the buds get sooo large like 3x there size and they taste sour and citrusy and it gets me pretty messed up aswell. cant go wrong for only 50 a half O
  5. Pretty decent. Woke up exhuasted from a camping trip.

    Goin to get a passport today and a haircut and have a date with my very hot ex tonight so it should be good
  6. yeah im not sure if hes for real or doesnt know what hes talkin about... i told him yesterday i was prolly gonna buy an oz off my other dude for $200 cuz i know its good then he said w.e man i get fuckin great bud tho! then he said he can get me 1 oz of sum purple shit....then he said purple kush and i almost shit myself! illl spendd
    $200 and an ounce and a qurter for 200 of dank.....hope its for real or ill be mad....kinda:p
  7. My day is going coo. Woke up like an hour ago and hit the phx. Feelling good watching some youtube videos haha.

  8. Man you dont buy a quarter for 200$ the most you pay for a quarter is 60$ for the bombest shit. I dont like it when people get ripped off and I see it way to much on this forum. Ive seen people on here saying they pay 50$ for 3.5 grams like what the hell seriously your getting totally ripped off no matter how bomb the bud is considering it came off of a plant.
  9. plans fell threw so im blazing a joint in its honor,now my dealers saying i may have to wait a day or two. WHY OH WHY!!

    just remebered i have week old bong water FILLED with buds that fell threw. should hold me off.
  10. no man for $20 im getting 1 oz and a quarter ounce.....its 160 for an oz and with the other 40 i can either get more weed or sumthing else....get it?
  11. I'm on lunch right now. I've been busting my ass at work to try and get caught up. I'm pretty tired though, I was up late last night watching the meteor shower.
  12. today is pretty good so far, got up lik ehalf an hour ago, got a text from my connect, and now i can get 50 dollar dank eights for the first time this summer, as well as 20 dollar grams of opium, which i have no idea if thats even a good deal, but ive never found anyone who has it, so i may try some.

    plus, my mom just left the house for 5 days to stay with her partner, so i have my house to myself and only about a week til i go back to college. America FUCK YEA!
  13. I'm having a pretty slow moving day, Im eating some lunch though and iced tea so it will help. After that it's off the movies.

  14. Alright boss... Look at your location, and then see where the MAJORITY of the forum resides. Myself and the other Americans here are well aware of Canada's prices... and great quality. But in NJ and most of the US ( I'd safely assume) Prices are usually:

    1/8th= $50
    1/4= $70-$140 depending on quality.

    Most refuse to sell in halfs.

    1oz. It depends on quality. Some kids pay $450 for an OZ. of KB. Bud in Jersey is very expensive. Basically, Most dealers Cut big breaks on mids... But I'd rather smoke dank :hello:

    ANYWAY, My day is going nice. Woke up 1 hour ago, Playing with my new creative labs "Zen Stone" ( Love this thing. 1GB was perfect, and at $40, can't be beat. Fuck Apple).

    Bought a new lawn mower yesterday, works amazing. Picking up my 1/4 in like a half hour-45 minutes. PRobally chillin with my boy and his GF for the rest of the day. Mad fun people to be around.
  15. I'm having a decent day so far but it's going to get a lot worse. I got an MIP last night and told my parents last night but haven't talked to them about it yet so I'm not too stoked on that.
  16. Im still getting ripped but shit i washed the dishes and im doing my laundry right now. Packing bowls makes time fly
  17. Weak!

    No time for nothin. I have to get a blood test (major surgery in < 7 days), need to buy a new fuel filter for my fuel injector pump, and replace the fuel injectors & fuel injector seals. Then I need to get a hair cut, go to the grocery store, go to school from 6:30PM - 9PM, then start my night shift at work...

    As of right now, I'm just chilin in front of my TV waiting for the cleaning lady to get out.
  18. Shitty. I just got hired into a new job Saturday, they called me today and told me I had too many points on my license to work there. I was really excited too. This is fucking stupid. And the job market is so shitty here, it will probably take me another month to find a job. Which is fucking excellent, because I couldnt even afford to live off the job I was getting.

    Basically, I'm pretty fucking depressed.

    I dont like to bitch but this is ridiculous.
  19. Meh. My car broke down the other day so I'm waiting for it to be fixed. It's the fuel pump. Also, I'm out of weed so I'm stuck with resin. Blah. I probably won't get any more weed until tomorrow.
  20. Oh it seems right after i made this thread my day got crappy so

    1. Im out of weed until thursday! :[
    2.i use a torch lighter i bring it far away from the bowl so it gives MASSIVE hits and it turned on me EXPLODED RIGHT IN MY HAND my hand was on fire scariest shit of my life luckily it was just the gas so my hand got no burns it just looked like it was on fire.
    3.As my hands burning im blazed so i panic i jump up and kick over my bong My glass bowl shatters on the floor so i had to custom make a new one.

    only good thing is my grandmas making my favorite meal,oh the joys of living with your grandma whos really cool for a woman thats almost 90 and cooks for a 19 year old stoner all damn day. AMEN.

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