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  1. high all i woke up this morning and my first to leafs are almost fully developed:hello: i thought i killed it. so i put some flourescent lights on it, its just the one little guy but im more growing for experimental purposes this time around, but i was wandering does this light setup look okay? lemme know.

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  2. sum1 please help me
  3. sure. the bulb looks like it may be a warm spectrum though. you will want "daylight" or "cool" for the early stages. If you can find a bulb close to 6500K in color temp, you'll be good but your plant is going to quickly outgrow your current lighting setup.
  4. alright sweet how much do those run for? can i pick one up at ace. sorry ill do some more reasearch. thanx alot uve been a big help on my last 2 threads
  5. they range from 6-10 bucks for the screw in anywhere CFLs. If you already have the lamps, then tube flourescents are a buck or two each.

    If you have about 45, then I'd say to pick up a flourex flood light. They are full-spectrum 6500K compact flourescents. They are 65W input and over 4500 lumens output. For 10-15 more, you can get the same thing but 100W input and over 7000 lumens. I've done a few grows with flourex and I love them.

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