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  1. What growing stage is my first grow at?  Ignore (I think) the burned bits, it's not systemic, just a mistake I made with some spraying.  Just molasses water right now.

  2. Lookin tasty....
  3. I'd say you are in the flowering stage. The leaves show a little burn but not bad. For your first grow, it looks like you'll be just fine. How many weeks have you been in flower?
  4. I don't know how long because I didn't know I was supposed to keep track of the time.  First time, and even though I read as much as I can, I have no idea when it started.  It's been budding for about three weeks.  Is that the same as flowering?
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    Yes budding=flowering. The only thing you need to do in order to know when they are ready is check your trichomes. I usually wait unitl 60% are turning amber to pull. Strains and photoperiods vary (im assuming this isn't an auto) but as long as you track your trichs, you'll know when they're ready.  If using nutes Add them once the burning subsides. you know to use Bloom or something similar to a Lucas formula and increase strength as they start gaining size.  Start supplementing with CalMag or something like it. Flowering plants love their Calmag.
  6. Also make sure you stop using nutes for the last two weeks before you harvest and flush with plain water to leach any remaining nutes out of the soil. Otherwise your buds will have a snap, crackle, and pop  :hippie:  Something you probably already knew about but just trying to contribute my two-cents lol 

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