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  1. So apparently I lost both my pipes... (probably stolen) so I made this thing from a Chapstick bottle and a ratchet piece. I put the bowl too close to the end so I covered it with tin foil. How's this look for a 1 time deal till I buy a new one tomorrow?

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  2. plastic and foil

    Would rather wait to smoke till I got the new one
  3. I can already feel a tumor growing in my brain just by looking at that piece.
  4. I would be disappointed if one of my friends pulled that out and started to load it.
  5. Lol why not just roll a j?
  6. Why not make an apple pipe?
  7. carve a bowl out of a carrot... never plastic and foil.
  8. Make some edible, hot knife concentrates, and hell even smoke some resin if ya gotta, but never aluminum foil and plastic pipe. That sir is a no-no. Go make yourself a firecracker and get blasted only takes 20mins.
  9. looks harsh but will get the job done
  10. It worked I guess it's still healthier than a cigarette
  11. Are you that unfortunate that you can't afford a cheap $15 pipe or are you just some 12 year old?

    I'd rather toke a joint then some greasy plastic, tinfoil, ratchet piece chrome fumes "pipe"
  12. Lol you must be unfortunate since you can't read to well..lmao.

  13. keep telling yourself that :rolleyes:
  14. Use a paper until you get a piece
  15. It would work but be careful. You could inhale some stuff of the foil or some plastic if not careful. If i were you i would just take an apple and turn it into a pipe
  16. Or out of my new pipe :p
  17. Pics or it didn't happen!

    (sorry, I had to say it!)


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