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hows this look guys? (blunt)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by helloimhigh, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. The left end could use some work but even with that it's a sick blunt. Pretty good if you're just starting out.
  2. Mouth piece is a little weird.. other than that, i'd hit it :smoke:
  3. Dayym I'd hit it.. haha.

    Love the sig too bro! Weezy baby!
  4. I'd hit it with ya bro
  5. id steal it:smoke:
  6. 4.3 out of 5. Pretty nice blunt you got there.
  7. pretty dope!

    just a hint for ya, next time put [ img ] (link) [ / img ] with no spaces :hello:
  8. haha ight sweet, thanx everybody!!! its def one of the better ones ive done, im still getting it down tho, any other advice on fixing it?

    even tho most of yall said it was good :) thanx guys!:smoke:

    i'd smoke with yall anyday haha

  9. haha thanx bro, lil wayne is like all i listen too
  10. how could i fix the mouth piece bro? like for future reference..obviously lol
  11. I'd say it's impressive if your just learning to roll one. Keep it up and you'll be great at it!

  12. thanx man! :smoke:
  13. Looks good.
  14. Nice roll, + rep. :hello:

  15. ight word
  16. I would make a couple of suggestions:
    1) Looks like you're using blunt wraps. Switch to swishers/cigars. They have a built in mouthpiece at one end. They may be harder to roll but they come out better when you get good at it. Plus...its always easy to find a swisher.
    2) Blunts don't have crutches...crutches are for joints...
    3) Don't seal the end like that....fill from the mouth piece end to the the smoke end. Mine always get a little fatter at the smoking (business) end because i roll um fairly tight and the weed pushes that way as I roll it.

    Overall - probably super smokable! Also, I'm not being derogatory, I learned with blunt wraps at first as well and only moved so swishers as a necessity (couldn't find b-wraps and learned that swishers were much better as is). Just practice...I used to buy a pack of swishers and just re-roll the tobacco in one to get the procedure down.
  17. When you roll make sure theres actually weed in the mouthpiece, no one like smoking a blunt where both pieces of paper touch, shit gets rezzed out and sticky. Also wheres the outer leaf? Anyway heres on I rolled recently

    I like cigarillos cuz theres no cancer paper and just less tabacco overall thats why it looks a little small

    Attached Files:

  18. Nice roll definitely. The only thing that bothers me is the left (obv) mouth piece. next time just close it shut with your fingers, and make it so the blunt is straight..not the left sticking up, cause you need weed throughout the whole blunt, even where you're hitting it.

    it'll give you the perfect hit. 4.5/5 though good job. :smoke:

  19. yeah the place i live by have zig zig wraps galore lmao... i used a crutch this time cuz my mouth piece was shitty..... and i will do that! the filling whole way

    thanx man!!! i know you aren't being deroagotry! this is what i want, feedback :) thanx alot bro, and i have tried swishers b4, im not very good at those right now, but like you said i will keep practicing! keep tokin bro :smoke:

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