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How's this joint look?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by meekmillMMG, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I know I gotta smoke to find out how it really is but how's it look none the less? I've inly been rolling for a couple of weeks anyway.

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  2. It looks smokable..
  3. Looks good to me. Light it up!
  4. That looks good enough to smoke!
  5. I'd take a hit of that :smoke:
  6. Looks real good, maybe a little small.
  7. Agreed.

    Open up that end and scoop up a little more bud, then pack it down with a pencil or somethin'. Problem solved! For one person though that's solid. About what mine look like on average.
  8. Looks good!
  9. pretty good blade :hello:

    personally I roll mine longer and thinner, but i'd hit it no doubt!
  10. Let us know how your sesh went!
  11. Thanks alot for the comments guy, i can always appreciate any one who can rate my joints! The jount went well, but was a little hard to pull at first, still take huge pulls though :D
  12. looks decent but def on the small side. If its just a personal jay tho you should be good
  13. Looks alright. I'd smoke it of course. But I use rollers for joints. For blunts I roll them myself.
  14. Looks pretty good a little loose but good. enjoy it :smoke:
  15. Good but small that might burn fast
  16. Thick and short or thin and long? I like thick and short. It looks like a nice jay to take to the face, I wouldn't pass up a hit.
  17. Looks just fine bro.

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