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How's this for doo-doo luck??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NPHXtoker, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I bought an 1/8th of Bubba Kush off another blade. Awesome strain BTW. ANd I rolled a hogleg of a blunt outta a gram each of Bubba and middies. Watermelon wrap...this thing was tasty.
    Anyway...I took a couple long pulls off it and stood it up in the ashtray. And I crashed.
    Next morning I reach over to grab my breakfast and lo and behold..........a 4" ash and no blunt.

    That shit never happens....I set an El in the ashtray and it goes out...ALWAYS!!

    Well the cieling fan apparently got turned up recently and the extra air allowed the blunt to continue burning.

    Suxx to be me....last of my trees, Im smokin the roach motel today...and kif.
  2. Aw bummer. Must have been a terrible sight, that 4" ash.

    Well, at least it served as incense :p
  3. 20$ a gram incense.
    Funny you mentioned that, because when my wife camps out on a joint/blunt/bowl, I say to her "Thats not an incense" to get her to hit it or quit it.
  4. i feel your pain, i had a similar incident going to take a dump and didint fully put out my jamacian rum bw. came back in time to get one hit before it was roach'd
  5. shitty luck.

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