Hows this for a completely weird thought of how life began

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  1. so pretend for a second that the universe goes through a cycle of destroying itself and then arising again and imagine there is some advanced life form that figures out all of science and finds out how to survive the universes death or to send devices through to the new universe

    they prepare their shit and then die, when it arrives in the new universe it seeds life on a new planet,
    the twist is that this planet is earth
    and the bigger twist is that these advanced beings are actually future humans and the death of the universe is just like a reset

    mind blown
  2. 2012: the beginning of the spiritual awakening, look it up
  3. Well some scientists believe that we have The Big Bang a massive expansion of the Universe. Then eventually it will contract...The Big Crunch...then it all happens again. If that is true this is the 1st iteration or sky is the limit number of times this Universe has been created. 
  4. The ancient Sanskrit Vedas speak of the same thing. Cycles of destruction and rebirth of the universe ad infinitum. Dunno about the whole other part you speak of though lol :mellow:
  5. That still doesn't answer the question how the original humans came into existence.
  6. by the planet earth being seeded with life from the future humans, all an infinite loop

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