How's this FIM cut looking?

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    Hey guys, most of this is covered in my grow journal (link in sig) but I wanted to make a quick thread on it.

    Growing a Northern Lights plant with 208w CFLs. At day 21 I FIMmed her (first grow, first FIM) - took a pic:


    Here's a close-up 24 hours after the cut:

    And here it is about 3 days after the cut:

    My question is, how is this looking? I've seen a bunch of FIM threads showing awesome new growths after 2 days.
    It sorta looks like, maybe there are 4 new growth points? Maybe 2? I don't know, I'm not really sure how it's supposed to look.

    The one thing, though, is that since I FIMmed her, her branches have been growing way faster, probably due to the hormones? It seems like most of her energy is going into the lower branches, but not so much at the fim cut itself, what's up?

    I used sterilized nail clippers, if that matters.

    Any thoughts? I know some plants take longer, I just wanna hear what you guys think and if you can see how many new tops there might be? It almost looks like the FIM didn't really do anything, and it's just recovering from a cut, resuming growth as usual, but hey, I'm still a n00b so... :p
  2. sometimes it can take a week before really seeing new shoots, I imagine strain genetics may play a part in time, it looks ok, I usually get 3-4 new shoots when I fimm, & they look about like yours do. good luck, keep us posted..
  3. Yeah, other people have said to wait a week, too. There's definitely growth happening, but I'm still not 100% sure on which one will be a top or what. I'm thinking it might be 2 new ones at the top, with the 2 directly underneath at the node, making 4, but I'll probably find out soon enough :)

    Here is a closeup of the top

    And the whole plant

    Thanks, though. Anyway, check out my journal if anyone is interested in how she's gonna turn out :)
  4. awsome Ill keep watching

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