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Hows the water BPP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. I know you are getting alot of water down there brother. How much rain have you gotten so far? Any flooding?

    We have been getting rain since 1100am yesterday. We already have had an inch to fall. The heavier rain is just now getting here. Supposed to rain for 30 more hours straight!

    Let us know how things are down there.

  2. Same as you, same as you.

    Started up Tuesday at dinner and hasn't stopped yet. My dogs have really enjoyed it, but their Aussies so who can figure them out anyway.

    Wind started blowing in last night. I was sleeping and heard a strange noise. It kinda woke me up an I went on alert listening for noises in the house, you know like dads are supposed to do. Then BAM, I heard the front door banging around. I jumped from the bed and sure enough, the damn front door had come open and was blowing wide open.

    Supposed to blow on out tonight or tomorrow and have a pretty weekend. And then just waiting till the next storm blows in.
  3. The rain is getting harder and harder. THe wind is starting to pick up a little. The weather men around here say the real storm should get to us tonight. The rain should quit tommorrow night then be pretty for the week end as well.

    You better lock all the windows and doors my friend. I hear the wind will be around 60 mph when it hits your area. I'm hoping ya'll don't get any extremely bad weather down there!!

    Maybe we can get a little time between these storms.
  4. I forgot to add this. I got waved down by a stranded motorist yesterday during a heavy downpour. His alternator had gone down and his car had quit running but he still wanted me to jump his battery off??? Doesn't make sense does it, (if you have a mechanics mind you will know why)

    So after spending thirty minutes in the rain, and jumping him off only to see his car die again and again. We hooked his battery to my alternator and let it charge up enough to get him home. I got soaked to the bone standing out there helping him. Then this morning I go to crank up and guess what??? My battery is dead!!! Nope, the guy just didn't put my cables back on my battery good enough. So I get soaked again this morning putting my cables back on.
  5. That sounds like my kind of luck! I do all my own mechanics on my equipment and trucks. When I started reading that I thought damn thats stupid!LOL Just getting it started wouldn't take him any where. Well at least you did a good deed! I hope the guy reallly appreciates what you did!
  6. Yeah, Poppa, you do ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very good man, you are!

    The rain is driving me insane! It's like it's neverending! I really hate that people are having such a hard time down there near the Gulf. If I could send every drop of this rain to Critter, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Not just cause I don't want it but because I love the critter man and want him to get nice and wet!!!!!!

    Yo, Bud Head! It's almost to the flooding point out here in my county. The rain is doing a number on us. I have a feeling we're going to have one crazy winter here! What do you think??? The old timers say it's going to be long and hard. HEH!!!! Long and hard...I guess the rain has caused me to have sex on the brain, too!!!!
  7. Yea i think your right. Long and hard, you must have been talking to the old men around there!

    I had to take a minute and go check on Samantha.

    Now where was I?

    I think we are going to have a much cooler winter than the last few years. I also think we might even have more snow than usual.

    Tennessee weather is hard to predict because it changes so drastically real quick. Today it's rainny and 70 degrees and tommorrow it may be sunny and 95 degrees.

    We may have to stock up on munchies and weed and hibernate!!! LOL

    I had to go get Samantha out of her bed. She just woke up from her nap.

    Critter I'm sending some of this rain your way. It may take a few days to get to ya!
  8. Hey don't send my rain away. I checked the rain gauge and four inches of mud in it from all the dust that I never emptied out. I've only had 6 or 7 inches of rain this week but I'm still short 15 inches for the year. With all this rain I had, my pond has still not filled up and flowed out the soillway yet.
  9. You should have held on to it a little longer! We got close to 6 inches here and some water damage to several homes and roads. My lakes are full and running over.

    We could always use some more. We are still way behind for the year as well!
  10. Got another one blowing up righty now. Wind has picked up all day but it shouldn't be so bad for me this time. Just 2 to 3 inches of rain tomorrow or Saturday. Please let it be Saturday so I can open my little coffeshop up again and spend the whole day with a good book, a bong, Led Zepplin, and listening to the rain.
  11. I heard that Lili was comeing to see you. I hope the weather doesn't get to rough on you.
  12. Blew around us and heading for Memphis. We shoulf get nothing but sprinkles.

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