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How's the ride been?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smithnpeek, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. I'm sure we can all remember the first time that we got stoned. All of a sudden we realize that all of those myths we've heard and read about marijuana might not be true after all.

    And it's all good...

    We start smoking more and more until eventually we're smoking everyday. And after a while of smoking on a daily basis, we find out that smoking just isn't what it used to be. So we step back and take a short 3 or 4 week hiatus.

    The smoking commences...

    Before we know it, we aren't smoking to get high, but for the sake of smoking and quite possibly because it's become second nature.

    So I ask you all this:
    What has kept you smoking for all this time? And is it as good as it used to be when you first started?
  2. i like smokeing overall. both the feeling and the experience. i look at it a lot more sacred then most people though. i don't get hgih whenever simply because i can, but only on special occasions. and i love to od it and bond with friends. probly go through a quater or two a week. since summers coming that'll increase.

  3. You must have some seriously special occations! Thats a lot to smoke every week if you only blaze on special occations... or did I read that wrong?

    Yea though, like Luke said, smoking is a lifestyle, and it's been a great ride ya know.... blazing with so many different people, we all have a thousand stories to tell.
  4. well i'm just kinda saying i don't smoke cause it's the only thing to do. i only smoke if i know it's in the right conditions which is usually with a bunch of my friends because it brings us a lot closer. so we usually smoke an 8th over a friday and saturday so we smoke a lot together. it's all good quality dank we just smoke in large quantities, and we all apriciate it a ton and are thankfull we can get some. bassically the opposite of what a lot of those "thug life gangsta's" do it for.
  5. i like marijuana too... its a way of life ...and indeed oh sooo many stories ...
  6. I still really enjoy smoking out. Getting stoned still feels good and with friends its always a blast. Sometimes though ill take a break for maybe a few days or even a week if ive been blazing a lot day after day.
  7. It's a lifestyle, you meet friends through pot, and it seems like you just make bonds easier with ppl when your smokin the ganja.
  8. on any boring night, i'll end up getting a bag and inviting anyone to come joint in. i'll spend time with people i don't usually see, and once we're all stoned i just loosen up and have a great night. it makes everything more fun and keeps me busy.
  9. pot makes humans better.

  10. Weed gives me good times. Good times that make good anecdotes. It makes me happy. It makes me feel good, even when I feel bad.
  11. like what everybody else said.....keeps life interesting and definetly it brings joy

  12. this artsy fool is makin me laugh hahah

  13. lol I smoke for the sake of getting high!
  14. I just like a smoke
  15. i smoke cause I love everything about maryjane. i can't live without her
  16. Music sounds amazingly better, influence for my drawings and artwork, laughing fits, munchies, chilling out and relaxing, stoner sessions bringing people together, and absolute fun!

    All those reasons plus more justify my smoking.
  17. My Ride:

    The first 10 or so times I got high were fucking amazing...this was 6 months ago. Those first 10 times made me feel like I had entered a new universe for the first time and everything was so great...I'm sure you guys know what I am talking about.

    It's June now and the highs just aren't as great as they used to be. I smoke with more regularity these days but I am seriously considering taking a 3 month break.

    Don't get me wrong, weed still relaxes me and makes some activities more interesting/enjoyable, but I want to get back to that feeling where you're is such a perfect state of mind that nothing negative can bother you, where everything is really mellow and chilled out...where people don't trip about stupid shit...when I get back to that point I will feel like I have accomplished
  18. I'm smoking, and still in a debate after 5 years of whether for me, it is morally correct. Once I get past that, I'll begin the real ride.
  19. its been really fun, but lately i've been smoking alot and i think i should take a break!?

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