hows she looking?

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  1. pics from this morning, how many more weeks of flowering approximately? its from a bag of "white widow" that may or may not have actually been white widow lol.

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  2. Beautiful! Does it get enough sun? Or did you move it for pictures sake? +rep man!
  3. Oh come on guys, she's not that ugly!
  4. Very pretty :)
  5. I just moved her to that shed for the pictures this morning. She's usually right out in full sun all day. Any finishing time predictions? I'm located near Albany NY and I'm thinking maybe 7 more weeks? This is my first successful grow.
  6. Also how safe is it to post pictures on this forum? Dont wanna get caught hahaha
  7. It looks decent. Very healthy. Have you been feeding her?

    And next year. I would suggest using. Bigger pot. More room for root to grow. More root more fruit

  8. I was thinking a bigger pot but I had to be somewhat stealthy and anything bigger woulda been spotted. I just planted her in some really rich organic soil and recently a top dressing of worm castings. Also as a side note, for potassium and calcium I have Been using TERRAFAUNA reptical supplement, it's just pure powdered potassium and calcium. Anybody have any input on that? She seems to like it I just mix it with her water...
  9. And any idea how many more weeks of flowering? My first break from college is Oct. 8th which is about 7 weeks out. I'm looking to come home and chop, did I get my timing right?
  10. the amount of flowering time left is dependent on strain. even if it actually is white widow, theres many different breeders who have white widow strains.

    it is looking pretty indica dominant to me, so early to mid october would be a good prediction.

    use this tool here to see when the first frost is predicted to be in albany, and make sure to not leave your plants out after that point.

    my suggestion would be to have a pocket microscope ready, and check the trich's when you get home for break and see if its ready. you timing seems to be right on! :wave:
  11. Nice, that's music to my ears! Any guesses on dry weight when she's done? I'd like to know how many fat bags I'll be taking back to school with me :)
  12. id say anywhere from 1.5-3.5 oz dry..just a prediction tho, could be way off
  13. That's a decent amount but is there anything I can do to maybe push her to make alittle more? And anyone have any feedback on the supplement I'm feeding? Don't wanna hurt her with it this far into the game.
  14. try and get a hold of some flowering farm if u can afford it
  15. ya op im in NY too and early to mid octo is what im thinking for finishing time. this is also my first grow and its going beautiful:hello:! nugs should be forming realllllll!!l! soon:D
  16. Denied are you growing from bagseed too or you got legit strains going?
  17. Also what's the Deal with extracts and making your plant smell/ taste different? I feel like it would just fuck things up but I'm curious to know.
  18. She looks very healthy ~

    Have you been using nutes on her btw?
  19. im going bagseed seeing how this is my first ever grow. im hoping for some nice budss
  20. Looks nice man, i know its your first so dont crop early man! I'd say early oct maybe lil later, its hard to pin point it.

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