hows she looking now......2.5 weeks flower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by whoski, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Hows she looking people 3rd plant ever and last on reminded me of frankenstein and made ya feel stupid when smoking not

    she looks ok to me! but hey so did 1st one.......and second lol

    Please help. really do love growing my own.... but not so far, haha

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  2. that thing is gonna be huge man your gonna get so much bud from that , what type of nutes and soil and your epuipment you use man
  3. omg that thing is gonna flower so much.

  4. is that 100% a good thing or not, does too many buds mean shit weed?????
  5. fuck no man just as long as you take care of them like little baby children and give them what they need it will just give you just as good a bud as the plant can make

    what kind of nutes you use
  6. CANNA...... Terra Flores = for flowering NPK 2-2-4
    CANNA...... Terra Vega = for veg growth
  7. im usin flora nova , im growin blue cheese and bagseed wanna see some pics, did you ever see blue cheese grow
  8. ok bro so i know ur still kinda new to this growing thing but here is a tip. when you come to you curing/drying stage. make sure you stop using all what ever your putting into your water for a week and water with only water. that will get rid of any growing stimulator and flower stimulators your using. and give your weed more of a organic eathy taste when smoked. but to answer your qustion.

    hell fucking no thats a very good thing. im seeing more then a few pounds of bud coming from your plant. nice grow and i guess the 3rd grow is always a charm. :D
  9. pounds would be very very very nice was expecting ounce or two at most.......

    how offtern should i feed??? i do once every three to four feeds... is this ok?

  10. yes i wanna see pics???? cool bro
  11. from the results of your plants yea it seems ok.
  12. yours dont look like my bagseed because i put my bagseed into flowering mode as soon as it was born
    i did this because i wanted a small plant, if i would have vegged for a month it would have been way bigger
    also if your plant is in a smaller pot it will make a small plant , that plant is in a 3 litre container and thats pretty small
  13. you know what i mean whoski

  14. no mate but i did guess it as doing four shorter plnts of same mother, to see what happens

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