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    Grow history : First time grow, recieved clipping June 30th. Was an unhealthy clipping with spidermites, didnt know the strain at the time. Fought the mites down , but never away. Outdoor plant. Was 1 month old, healthy, before eaten completely by squirrels, the whole main stock, all vegetation above 1 tiny single node nearest to the soil. Decided to scrap to compost next day. Next day came, new light came apon me and I decided to reveg her, let her go outside but eventually brought inside due to early budding from our unpredictable weather in Canada. Revegged her again inside, Used 3 12w cfl's. She stretched to 2 feet tall 1 foot wide when I put her in to her 2nd budding a month ago. I gave her no nutrition, only tap water left out to evaporate impurities. She was budding under 7 cfls but just recently upgraded to 600w digital hps. Just recently found out strain is a straight white widow #thankgod I saved her. How's she looking at day 30 with all these fuckups in consideration? Successfully rooted a few clones during her premature budding as well. Can't complain. Ill add a picture of the current stock tomorrow, that one is more than a month ago

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  2. Honestly, she looks really good. The leaves look a bit smaller than average, but other than that, it's great.
    I'm just amazed at how much she's been through, haha. But after all you went through, it even turned out to be White Widow. I'm surprised she's still alive or that she didn't turn into a hermi
  3. Yea....3-leaf?
    Looks good though dude. Looks like you been through a lot already haha.
    Keep doing what your doing and it should turn out great.
  4. Thanks guys, glad to know I'm on the right track.

    Leaves are small do to defoliation. With limited light at the time I had to lst, bend, twist , snap and all that fun stuff. I lugged her 5 gallon self up the stairs every morning to embrace the sun and back down every night to keep the veg steady in the terrible summer we had. Broken wrist and all. When the buds came they weren't getting the exposure I felt necessary.

    The defoliation was to expose the buds to the limited cfl's but ofcourse wouldn't have been needed with my new ballast
  5. Also the only explinations I have for the 3 leaf sets is the abrupt conversion to budding and back to vegging and so forth
  6. Just an update, makes me wonder what I would have gotten with balanced ph and the right nutes. All I use is rich Ontario soil I dig from the middle of an ecosystem , a forest next to farm lands in this case.

    Closesup trichomes shot
    Main cola shot
    side cola shot

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  7. Looks good.  Also looks like they have had a very good supply of nitrogen, very green indeed.  An excess of nitrogen tends to produce leafy bugs that don't swell so well.  Other than that, pretty nice!
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    Thank you. I didnt add any nutes, nor worry about ph. The soil came from the middle of an ecosystem so I dont doubt there being excess nitrogen
  9. You said rich soil, near farmland, so it's possible that the soil is really rich in nitrogen, more than your average compost.  "Natural" random outdoor soil is not necessarily well-balanced, and if you re-pot your plants before flowering that gives them a fresh boost of the un-balanced nutrients in the form of new soil.
    Obviously the plants have grown really well! :)  But in your first set of pics, the leaves of the larger plants look like fresh grown on newely potted plants starting to veg, not like mid-flowering plants.  Same really in the second set, and the buds do look really leafy which is typical of high-nitrogen during flowering.  They are also foxtailing a little bit I think, which could be the same cause.
    If you want to carry on using this kind of soil in the future, think about maybe mixing it with a multi-purpose compost. Or you could dig in some bonemeal, or blood and bone mix, to balance out the other nutrients.  It's dirt cheap stuff, and I'm not saying "it's all wrong you have to use loads of this stuff if you want to succeed", I think you'll get a better end result and still won't need to apply expensive liquid nutrients.
  10. Not sure if you meant to say plants plurally but there is only 1 plant. I'm not sure what to say about the types of leaves you are talking about, but maybe it has to do with reverting back to veg twice , once was very abrupt and about 2 weeks in to budding? Also for arguments sake, this is really only one branch from what the original plant was before getting eaten, maybe that caused a growth inormality
  11. Also what I believe your thinking is foxtailing is actually just my choice of training. I had only cfls for most of the grow and on plenty of ocassions pulled the buds outwords to get more exposure, and some braced to stay that way in order to get more of the light and in the result some became more independent buds instead of growing part of the cola on said branch. Uneeded now with my new lighting
  12. What I meant was... the colour?  I know that's a bit vague and subjective.  Like I said, it has obviously grown well anyway so it's clearly okay.
    It might be just to do with the re-veging.  I had a similar plant with 3-fingered leaves for the same reasons, and it was just a bit odd after that for the rest of the grow.  The buds were kind of unsatisfactory as well, not very dense like usual.
    It sounds like this plant has been through the wars, so good job on getting it to the final straight :)  I hope the next one goes a bit more smoothly  :smoke:
  13. Ah ok I think I know what you meant, usually by now the leaves are getting the life/nitrogen sucked out of them during the late budding process and mine look like a vigerous vegging plant. I feel like Im still a few weeks away, maybe itll get the look you're talking about then
  14. 2 days in to drying

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    Smoke report : Veeery sweet, from the moment you open the jar and catch that first wiff, to the first puff. Many of my peers instantly think of starbursts and skittles, especially the bubble bag hash. Harvest smell was no problem, my house smelled like candy

    High is instant, purely upperbody/ head high. Very strong ,very motivational. Every time I smoke some I feel like going to the gym or going for a hike. Can stay medicated all day but once the burnout hits.... Well you may not remember what you did for the last 15 minutes before you fell asleep.
  16. Turned out to be Durban Poison , was convinced it was the white widow. The
    guy I got the clones off of must have mistaken the tags, he only deals with Ww and durban, so it's either or. Im still very happy with the result. Weighed in at about 20g's dry/mid cure
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    Probably the last form it'll take during curing, thanks for reading up on my first grow! ^.^

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