hows she doing?

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  1. any advice?

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  2. looks good to me, nice cactus too
  3. but it looks root bound in that pot upgrade a step up and throw it into flowerin that could make ur stalk twice as high and spindly
  4. and i would remove the leaves on the soil that shit causes mold!!!!no derbris need to be on top the soil ya know
  5. Ok, here goes, nice plant so stop cutting the fan leaves off they are how your plant takes in nutes from the light and where sugar is formed for new growth. Yes definitely repot. go with at least a 3 gal and perferably a 5 gal container, you only want to repot once. Yes and get a good soil mixed with perilite and no time-released ferts. Do that and you'll be ready in 10-14 days after repotting to start the flower cycle.
  6. thanks alot for the advice...any soil recommendations?
  7. Anything but Miricle Grow or Scott's. Stay away from soils with fertilizer in them and stay away from "Moisture Control" soils. Fox Farms, Ocean Forest, and Sunshine Mix # 4 are all good. I just use some generic Professional potting soil with all the essentials such as perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum peat moss etc.
  8. ok...thanks, i repotted and resoiled with some cheap potting soil, take a look at my setup and let me know what the next step is...thanks again, oh yeah any fert recommendations???

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  9. Well first: You gonna want to move the within 3-4 inches of both plants than upgrade and get more lights the more the better...
    Give them a few days to shake off any transplant shock then throw them in to flowering..
  10. what exactly do you mean throw them into flowering???
  11. Don't be so quick to throw into flower. Throw into flower means put the lights on a 12/12 schedule. That will induce sex and buds. In a few days they won't be ready for flowering. The longer you veg the better and you have a good sized pot, so to maximize yield, if you flowered it at 15 inches tall, that would allow for it to get 3x as big (because it could triple its size during flower). At 45 inches tall (providing you flowered at 15 inches and it did triple), that would allow plenty of pot room going by the one foot per gallon of pot rule. Of course a plant almost 4 feet tall will not be lit from top to bottom evenly but, you could always add more light I hope. Anyway, I agree that you need to move that smaller plant closer to the light.
  12. ok heres my modifications, i've got them on a timer set to 12/12 and feeding them some bloom fert mixed with a little salt, can i relax and watch them grow, or what?

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  13. These plants are too young for flower but whatever man. Just watch them grow.
  14. eh, im not in a rush or anything, i have all the time in the world, i just need the right direction. what would you do with these girls if you were in my shoes?
  15. Dude!
    I can see people on the photo's on the wall.
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  16. looks like a nice indica
    let it grow for 3 months and then we can talk about flowering
  17. u can't tell who they are

  18. Unless you know them....
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  19. Yeah, you could LST them. But I would keep them on 18/6 until they are at least sexually mature which is indicated by alternating nodes. Then you can flower them. The longer you veg, the more bud you get (in theory) as long as your pots are big enough. However, if you like you can 12/12 them now and they will bud. But if they were mine I would wait.

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