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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Eros, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. I'm guuna build a fake dresser and inside is gunna be my grow room. I'm gunna use a 250W HPS and 4 4-gallon pots. I did the math and its only 30W / ft sq. but i think if i paint the inside white i can get away with it

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  2. It'll work, but I think you may be better off doing scrog. Or getting a 600-800 watt light instead.
  3. 30wpsf is enough, you wont get monster buds but you will get good buds. top the plant a few times and the lots of little buds you get will give a good total yeald.

    if you used a 400w insted then that would take your wpsf up to just over 50 and thats all you need. i think a 600 and 75wpsf would be a waste.

    will you beable to rase and lower the light?
  4. i hadn't thaught of that, bu i'll try to set it up to do so if u recomend it. what would that do for me anyway
  5. pretty much the more powerful the light the bigger/fatter your buds are gonna get...

  6. if this was directed at my post then being able to rase and lower the light (or the pots/plants) means that you can get the light closer to the plants. the closer the light is the stronger the light the plants get. the stronger the light the better the plants can grow.
  7. Or, instead of painstakingly trying to figure a way to raise and lower the light, you could instead raise and lower the plants. I see no reason why this wouldn't work.

  8. Yep dat will work!
    I fixed my lights to the box and im gonna move the pot up and down instead.Dont like the idea of 'dangling' Fragile glass tubes coarsing with electricity from pieces of string and the like lol, I'd preffer to trust a Screw or a bolt really!
  9. i agree with wanting to fix your lights... but you can always use eyebolts and chain.... nothin's gonna break that.... and raising the plants up to the light IMHO is better than lowering the light down to the plants... espeicially is you want your lights to be air cooled... (less ducting)

  10. True, but then again, the eyebolts would be connected to what? The top of the dresser. That would kill the entire stealth element. The eyebolt could be seen from the top, or the possibility of light and/or sound leaks.

  11. just use short stubby little screw in bolts.... with like 3/8" of thread on them..... i screwed 6 or them into the roof of my workshop (which is covered in 1/2" ply) and attached 4' chains to them all and i was able to hold myself up on them about 2' over the ground... and i weight ~220lbs.... so i know that they're strong....
  12. Ya bolts and chains would work, but wouldnt it just be easier to use a few screws?
    Fixing the lights to the box is a good idea, cos its the simplest idea!

  13. but if you had something like a fixed screen ScrOG setup, you'd need to move the lights to the plants.... unless you have the screen really close to the soil line... then i guess you could just leave it...
  14. Put one longlife lightbulb halfway down on each wall, that should give you a little more light, and some more bud :D

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