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hows my rolling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MikeJacobs, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. been smoking mary jane around 5 months, heres a normal roll by me, what do you think of it? rate out of 10 please, also i included some stuff around the picture to make it look cooler :smoking:
  2. It looks nice, however it's hard to rate because I don't know how it hits but it looks like a work of art though.
  3. you made me smile cheers man, i made sure to make it pretty tight, so im sure it'll hit like a dream :smoke:
  4. Looks good, but since I've been rolling for quite some time now, you realize that the aesthetics of your roll is only half of it, then how it burns is the other. You got the first part down though, for sure
  5. Where'd you get that grinder at?
  6. 7 of 10, but it's because I can't tell
    How it smokes..
  7. camden dude, guy wanted £20 for it but i managed to get it for a fiver. couldnt really ask for a better grinder, its metal, compact, kief compartment.
    when im going to a party i will fill the kief compartment with like 1-2g and just grind each joints worth in the top, mix with bacci, and make the spliffy.
  8. Very nice roll, it's clear that your practice is paying off.

  9. damn, a £20 grinder for £5? I'm going to camden sometime soon and I could really do with a metal grinder that doesn't cost £500.
  10. #10 Casper The Don, Jun 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 22, 2011
  11. I rolled a joint that was so tight it wouldn't hit...
  12. It looks good, but I wouldnt smoke that paper. I always get papers like ocb slim (black) and roll inside out that shit is tha bomb it tastes soooo goood...
  13. dude you need to start smoking the 100% hemp papers, just feels right in your joint, i highly reccomend RAWs
  14. I would love to smoke that joint
  15. I'm giving it a 10 out of 10. That joint looks like Jesus rolled it
  16. I think ocbs are made of hemp, too. I dont have anything against your paper being 100% hemp its just its color its very white and you cant see your weed...the papers I use are thinner so you can still see the mix. I smoked the blue ocbs once they are as white as yours and it tasted too much like paper!
  17. oh sorry mate haha, we dont have ocbs in england so i wouldnt know.
    yeah, personally id rather a thicker paper because it would burn slower.:smoke:
  18. actually I dont know if they are really thinner I mean its just another structure that you can easily look through it :)
    Didnt know you dont have ocbs in england I thought you could get em all over europe :)
    Well the blue ocbs which look like yours actually burn faster than the black ones I talked about. Never had any trouble with them and the taste is really good if you once learned how to roll inside out since the paper is only wrapped around once.
  19. Thinner papers burn slower, but are harder to roll.

    I'd give the J a 8/10. Looks a little uneven in the distribution of the green (very very slightly), would have given it a 10/10 if it wasn't. This is all aesthetics, though. You can't properly rate a roll without smoking it.
  20. Papers ain't shit!

    We don't smoke no joints, and it's like that.

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