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Hows my rolling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Markyb, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. I rolled my first joints today, and i felt they were abit short and im worried incase they burn fast :/

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  2. You might wanna get somethin to pack those down with they look a little loose.
  3. I like the one on the right.

    Tear off that twisted paper before you smoke it.

    Ok for a begineer. Remember practice makes perfect. :D

  4. i was impressed with the right one too :p
    cocked up soo much on the others
  5. I've seen worse. Keep practicing man.
  6. Youtube is a good place to learn if nobody can help out. You'll get better
  7. They first joints. Keep trying. Everyone started somewhere.
  8. I'd get some bigger papers if you're going to do that crutch thing like that. Zig zag orange or Bambu 1/2 extras.
  9. 1 1/4 size papes are the perfect size to roll with filters.
  10. ehh those look pretty rough But dont give up. practice practice.
  11. those look..loose, to say the least. im sure they will smoke ok.

    use excess amounts of herb in the J, that way you can roll it up tightly and let whatever falls out fall out. if need be use what fell out to pack in the ends. leave roughly 1/4th to 1/8th of an inch of paper hanging from where the weed is, and twist one end. or both, but i usually just twist one up tightly, then insert a mock filter in the other end.
  12. Pack some more bud into them, and just practice. Theyll be perfect! Not bad for a beginner at all.
  13. I'd roll again if I were you.
    And when I can't get it right I resort to the trusty piece:bongin:
  14. Probably better than my first joints. if you got nice and sticky bud try to mold the busted up bud into a joint shape while the bud is in the paper(if that makes sense), this will make it much easier to roll a nice evenly rolled dub. will smoke better too:metal:
  15. I wouldn't bother smoking those but you should go get a couple of cigs and empty them out or some oregano and a full pack of papers. Then just roll a joint with that, if it dosent look good just lick all the way down the side of the joint and rip it open and start again.

    To be able to roll a good a joint you will have to roll LOTS of bad joints. Everybody goes through this process and there is a learning curve. Each time you roll one try placing your fingers in a diffrent place when tucking the joint (basically just remember where your fingers are when your rolling and each time experiment with where you put your fingers) until you eventually click and then it will be second nature for you. :smoking:

    Also have a look at the joint perfection sticky in this section ;)
  16. Un-twist the end and pack the erb on the inside down, and then put more bud in the top and pack that down repeat until it's big enough.

    I can't tell entirely, but if you have cotton cigarette filters in the end then remove them as they filter all the good stuff and just generally make it harder to smoke if your doob is tight.

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