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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Maryjane34, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. This is my plant, been growing it for a month. Hows it look?
  2. i'd say looks good but did you recently transplant? all droopy right now, that or you don't have much sun getting to it at the moment.
  3. transplanted yesterday
  4. Looking good, but I don´t transplant my girls into big buckets until I am sure they ARE girls.
  5. not me, i give my plants full room to grow, mabe this is superstition on my part, but i beleive i get more females without stressing them out at all, ie. root bound
  6. :smoking: better yet...plant three in one large pot and kill to of them once you determine the stress no transplant
  7. no dont do that, roots will bound together and stunt growth, it'd have to be a 3x3 meter pot.
  8. I think my way is better. Never more than one plant in a pot.
  9. i mean aviously dont have like 40 large buckets with soil in them, and plant 40 seeds, half will be male and 20 large buckets will be wasted.

    i agree with you spanishfly, that's exactly what im doing, i have two different grows, smaller pots with plants until sex determined, then large pots, but i still plant in large pots and throw away males, then i still have backup. but what im mostly saying is dont grow until sex in that small pot your using, prevent stress ie. rootbound, by using 8" tall by 5" diamater pots. my method however will have plants left over in small pots, so i just dig holes, buckets can get expensive. in the end i have 1 large growsho!
  10. updated pictures....

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