Hows my plant doing?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm an Italian first-time grower and I would like someone to take a look at my plant, in order to give me some suggestions. That's it:
    The seed was planted on Oct 29th. It's a Blue Dream. Does it look healthy and sound? Is it normal for the main branch to loose the brown coating? Why are the lower leafs so deformed?
    I'm growing in a large attic with good ventilation. 125 W CFL lamp with reflector. 23 C and 66% humidity. I gave her 300 ml of water daily with some root stimulator so far.
    Is there anything wrong?
    Thank you for your help.

  2. 300ml of water sounds like too much for the plant I see in the pics.  In a week or more when it is bigger, maybe 300ml every 2 days, but if you keep the soil wet every day then you'll end up with a sickly plant with rotting roots.
    You may also find that the root stimulator is no longer necessary, it's obviously growing and they usually grow roots pretty happily.  You've obviously already added plenty to the soil so you probably have given enough.
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    Yeah. I see what you mean, the pot always looses a huge amount of water from the holes at the bottom. I'll follow your suggestion since now. The root stimulator is meant to be used during seedling and for the first week of vegetative. I'll stop adding that from Nov 19th.
    I also bought this nutes kit (, because my Grow Shop suggested it. Do I also need the Alg-A-Mic and the Fish-Mix? I also spray some water on the leafs, is it good?
  4. You'll not need to use much of these nutes under the 125w CFLs.  I grew about a dozen plants in 1 gal pots under CFLs and I bought this starter pack when I started, and I didn't get close to using it all until I'd bought a 400w tent kit.
    I use them and they're okay, but my experience is that the BioBizz Grow nute is quite rich and easy to over use, and that overall you tend to need to give a CalMag feed, or at least some epsom salts around the time you start flowering.
  5. Thank you. What product do you suggest me as a Mg/Ca?

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  6. There are many Ca/Mg products on the market, because it is a common requirement.  Many you can buy on ebay, or in your local hydro store if you have one, it doesn't have to be a 'brand name' version.  You'll only really need to use it after you haven't re-potted the plant for a while, in my experience.  Your plants may vary.

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