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How's my pick up look?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by capo327, May 28, 2009.

  1. Supposed to be an eighth of dank. Got it for $65 in Chicago.


    My camera is pretty old.
  2. Looks like good weed, dont think i would pay 65 for that, not enough. Looks a little short. Do yourself a huge favor and buy a scale
  3. Looks a little less than an eigth to me unless those nugs are dense. If it smokes good then it's probably worth it but just from the pictures it doesn't seem that great
  4. A few things.

    First, camera work isn't good enough for us to see how good it is.
    Second, it looks way stemmy for 65/eighth. Should be pure nicely shaped nuggets, no shake or visible stemmage cept at the base of nugs.

    It's up to you to say if it was worth it or not, but you should def be getting that cheaper, or better nugs, imo (based on the shapes/visible stems)
  5. that is one fat stem, bit hey, if the nugs are dense and potent. i wouldnt say no
  6. not too bad...i wouldnever pay 65 for an eight of anything though even white widow crossed with blueberry crossed with silver hase crossed withsour deisel lol.
  7. Looks like an eighth to me. However if i payed 65 for 3.5 grams i would expect more nug and less stem. If thats really dank then you didnt get to bad of a deal, just tellin you theres better out there
  8. Looks to be short and overpriced. I live in the Chitown area as well and I only pay $65 for some maaad chronic. Strains for me are only $60 an eighth which is still a little pricey, but you gotta pay up for the best sometimes. I say invest in a scale or have your dealer scale it out in front of you next time.
  9. I would not pay 65 bucks for that. Looks like good bud though :smoking:
  10. Dunno local costs in Chicago, but in ATL I can get an 8th of dank for 35.

    BTW: The Prodigy ticket, noice :p
  11. my cutoff is 60, and only 60 for some dank strains...

    However, i DEFINITELY do not think you got shorted. That looks like a legit 1/8 to me. Hell, for 65, he aint gonna short ya, he is already making BANK!
  12. Uhhh in the northern suburbs of Chicago an 8th of dank sells for like $40 man.....
  13. over priced but looks legit

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