How's my first grow looking?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Regginacirfa, May 27, 2019.

  1. Any tips, advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated
  2. In week 2 of flowering today plants stopped stretching for the most part just stopped giving them nitrogen and switched over to tiger bloom from grow big plants are in 5 gallon containers with a fox farm ocean forest / happy frog / perlite medium their under a 1000w xxxl 8" air cooled dominator hood with dimmable ballast that has a super charge 1150 watt setting have an 1150w hps bulb in a 6x5x8 gorilla grow tent any other questions on set up just ask :)
  3. Temps kept between 75-85 degrees normally at 80 tho humidity is at 60% been trying to keep it lower but 60% is about where it stays at
  4. You’re doing great! Have you got good airflow in the tent, that may help with humidity!
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  5. Doing well. 85 will be too hot for flower and you should really try and get down between 40%-50% RH for Flower. Other than that looks really good kudos!

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  6. Looks like you could have veg some more before the flip to fill the space up on your net. That would give ya more yield.
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  7. Yea they're just some bagseed so was unsure of the genetics and wasn't sure how much they were gonna stretch so played it on the safe side I plant on filling the rest of the screen with some clones I took off in early flowering under the screen my 2nd biggest plant in there ended up being male so that took a good chunk of my harvest out but hoping the clones I have will do a good job on filling the rest and I have an online fan blowing air thru my hood and out my tent running 24/7 with a box fan running inside and a small oscillating fan under the screen also but only goes so far think I need to invest in a dehumidifier
  8. Maybe a portable ac or atleast run my ducting for my intake to a cooler room
  9. I let my net fill 80% and fill the rest during stretch. I try to sex the plants before flower by looking at pre flowers but sometime I make a mistake and find the male that puts a big hole in scrog net. This is early enough to where I would pull the net, re center the remaining plants and spread the branches out. I’m in a 2 x 4 so there is not much room.
    Yours are looking really good and healthy. Keep up what your doing to them girls.
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  10. 15594066225807195690312044555346.jpg here's how they look today
  11. Picked up a dehumidifier finally got rh down to 45-50% temps still at 80 tho gonna have to invest In a portable ac but atleast I'll have a better harvest in the end

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