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Hows My First Cone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mantasticmango, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Not bad for your first one!:) keep it up and eventually your joints will look better rolled then a cigarette!
  2. get a rolling machine so u dont have to do it yourself, it makes rolling joints so much easier and they come out perfect every time.
  3. rolling machines are whack. by hand, always. its an art form
  4. I agree with an art but if you keep rolling with no real progress invest in a machine because bad rolling can fuck up your smoke experience. Idc what anyone says
  5. its pretty bad 4/10
  6. Is that tobacco?!?!?!? 0/10 just for that 
  7. Do both, sometimes hand roll, sometimes roll one in the machine, some people just hate rolling :p
  8. The cone looks pretty good, not even for a first time! :D I don't think there's a roller for cone shaped joints, but there certainly are for regular joints (or kingsize slims, for sure), for very cheap. I roll crappy joints by hand, so I bought a roller(recommend RAW kingsize slim for 3.89$ on Amazon), along with some RAW papers and wide filters. If it's a problem using a roller, either to your self-esteem or your dumb friends, roll before you go out, and presto! Everyone's amazed by the quality of the roll! Just don't lie that you rolled them because it will make for a bad image when you can't in person. I bring it with me all the time, since it's a been a long tome my friends have been accustomed to my roller and it's perfect rolls!

    It is a goal of mine to learn how to roll by hand; I'm not bashing on rolling by hand. But for now, you'll enjoy smoking a lot more. And also heads-up, while I prefer RAW kingsize slim rolling papers, I use a roller but there is a thread commenting on the difficulty of rolling these papers by hand. To learn by hand, I recommend something common like Zig Zags.

    Good luck :)
  9. There is a roller for cones I think its called the Futurola or something similar. Also if you get a cone shaped object that is thin enough wrap your paper around, lick, seal and when you take it out all you gotta do is put a roach/filter in and then your schmoke :p hope that helped

  10. I actually starting rolling with raw papers, this was the first cone I ever tried roll. The Raws were defintely one of my favorite paperS though

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